Does Your Personality Match Your Dog's?

Dogs have been man and woman's best friend for over 30,000 years. Everyone from Marie Antoinette to Billie Holiday had dogs. Alexander the Great even named a city after his favorite dog, Peritas. And just as humans do, dogs can have complex personalities — some are shy and grumpy, while others are hyper and outgoing. Though these traits are influenced by a number of factors, surprising new research suggests that a dog's personality might actually parallel that of its owner. Of course, for anyone who has ever seen 101 Dalmatians, this may not come as a surprise... but it's still fun to know that there's some proof backing up the idea.

Natural Balance Pet Foods recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 U.S.-based pet parents and found that the way owners interact with their pets is highly emotional and actually quite human. Furthermore, many owners find their personality traits to be highly similar to those displayed in their dogs. In everything from eating to socializing to learning, pets and their parents can share characteristics and an overall outlook on life.

I apologize if you thought you and Buttercup had a unique, one in a million connection; it turns out that the majority of people actually feel the same way about their pups (you don't have to tell Buttercup that, though). Here's exactly what the survey found:

1. You're More Likely To Choose A Dog Whose Traits Match Your Own

Accoridng to a press release, the Natural Balance Canine Personality Survey found that, whether your an introvert or extrovert, your dog is likely to fall under the same category. Sixty-six percent of extroverts agreed their dogs were extroverts, too. Sixty-five percent of introverts said the same.

You can certainly teach an old dog new tricks, too: if you identify as a "lifelong learner," then there is a 72 percent chance your dog will be skilled at learning new tricks.

2. We Believe In The Emotional Side Of Dogs

A smiling dog might not just be a myth. Ninety-three percent of those surveyed believed they had seen their dog smile. Seventy-nine percent thought that dogs could feel embarrassment, as well.

Ninety percent of people also thought that a dog is capable of worrying about you, whether you are hurt or late in coming home. If you've ever seen this video, you'll probably agree.

3. Dogs Have An Influence On How We Feel

Just as dogs are capable of experiencing complicated emotions, they are also able to sense how we are feeling. Seventy-nine percent of pet parents believe their dog "consciously and actively" attempts to comfort them; meanwhile, 55 percent believe in the power of puppy dog eyes, saying they are capable of communicating deep emotion. Who are the 45 percent who can resist?

Check out an infographic with more details from the survey below:

Images: Giphy (3); Courtesy of Natural Balance Pet Foods