Perfectly Logical Reasons To Just Marry Cheese

Cheese, glorious, cheese. There's honestly no shame in admitting that cheese is the love of your life. In fact, you’re clearly not alone, seeing as BuzzFeed decided to devote an entire video to their cheese-loving demographic. And can I just say #BLESS? Cheese is most certainly the love of my life, and thanks to the safe(ish) space the Internet provides us with, we've become empowered to express of our love of cheese at all times, and share it with the world.

I would say cheese is honestly one of my major food groups. Like, I absolutely could not date a lactose intolerant person, because what would we even have in common? Hot cheese, cold cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese. To quote the forgotten band O-Town, "I want it all, or nothing at all."

If you’re one of those people who would choose a night in with brie, or an evening by yourself (or with friends) spent melting cheese on nachos, then you will have all the feels over this video. They basically just list everything you’ve ever loved about the most enticing dairy on the market, and every second is like magic. Romantic magic. Here are the beautiful reasons you should just marry cheese and live a happy life together:

1. Fondue

This is so beautiful, I think I might cry.

2. Pasta

Cream sauce > any other sauce.

3. Broccoli And Cheese

Hellllllo, PANERA.

4. Quesadillas

Hey girl, you're so sexy when you sizzle like that.

5. Cheeseburgers

"Anything you can do I can do better." - Cheeseburgers to any other kind of burger.

6. Fresh Mozzerella

Caprese action is the best kind of action.

7. Pizza

Everyone knows the best extra topping is extra CHEESE. And, like, mushrooms are good too.

8. Pizza, Again

Oui, oui, sexy deep dish.

9. Feta

Hold the red onion, green peppers, and all other salad fixings though, would you?

10. Cream Cheese

Where are the lox and tomato this GIF so desperately needs?

11. Honey And Cheese

I would prefer it if that were baked brie with honey, but really, I'm not picky.

12. Nachos

Making nachos in the microwave is the one hobby I'll never outgrow.

13. French Onion Soup

The only bae you need to cuddle with this fall.

14. Grilled Cheese

The most perfect go-to meal at the end of a long day.

15. Cheesecake

If you don't want to marry that piece of cake, you need to adjust your standards.

Watch The Full Video And It Will Give You All The Weekend Meal Inspo You Need:


Images: YouTube(15); Pixabay