Hook & Emma's Status Is Officially Complicated

I know we're all excited to meet Dark Swan... but what does that mean for one of Storybrooke's most cherished OTPs? Where do Hook and Emma stand on Once Upon A Time? They were doing so well for a shining, tiny moment. Now both of them have major problems to solve before working on their relationship. Emma's budding romance with Killian Jones has been fraught with curses when the biggest barrier was her own emotional walls. It sucks that something magical is tearing them apart once again.

In the Season 4 finale and after a few failed attempts, Emma finally told Killian that she loved him... during a showdown with an amorphous "darkness" that the Sorcerer had stored in a hat kept safe by his Apprentice. Just another Saturday night in Storybrooke. She let the darkness contain itself within her, thus becoming the new Dark One instead of Rumplestiltskin. Now they have to go to Camelot and find Merlin, and with Ms. Swan slowly turning into her most evil self, I don't think there's going to be much time for romance. So, Hook and Emma were in a great place. They battled the Author together. They both admitted they had feelings for each other. They even went on a normal and well-defined date. This whole Dark Swan thing had the worst timing.

Classic Emma Swan though, am I right? The second after she lets herself be vulnerable she freaks out, grabs a dagger, and becomes a Dark Lord. I can so relate. To make matters worse, I don't even think that Emma and Hook are going to be near each other when Season 5 begins. Emma isn't even in Storybrooke anymore. According to the official ABC press release, "immediately after becoming the Dark One, Emma disappears and the heroes must band together to save her, but first they have to find her, which will require the help of an unlikely ally." Meanwhile, without Emma around, her beau could get back to his old villainy tricks. At least Hook is teaming up with Henry, which should be fun.

All in all, this is all terrible news! Emma Swan has never needed a knight in shining armor to save her from anything, but that doesn't mean I want to see her suffer romantically like this. However, there is hope. According to Matt Webb Mitovich's spoiler post on TVLine, "Emma/Hook fans better have their GIF-making machines at the ready." No matter what happens in the Once Upon A Time season premiere, it's going to be bringing on the feels.

Images: Jack Rowand/ABC; thedarkoneswan; a-resilient-heart/Tumblr