How To Fix Those Annoying Snags In Your Sweaters

Ah, fall — seasonal cups at Starbucks, crunchy leaves, and sweaters. Sweaters and boots, sweater dresses, sweater vests... gotta be prepared for sweater weather, amiright? But with great sweaters comes great responsibility. I'm talking about those annoying snags, guys. However, where there's a will, there's a way — here's how to fix sweater snags to make your coziest clothing good as new.

But seriously, the struggle is so real. Can't someone just invent a 100 percent snag-free sweater already? Till then, though, Internet to the rescue. But, be warned, you're gonna have to break out your old-school home ec skills for this one.

Step one: Bring your sweater to your tailor. JK, JK. You can totally DIY this ish!

To start repairing your snag, turn the garment inside out, according to a post on Martha Stewart's site (who better to turn to than the domestic queen herself?) Then, make sure the thread is in the shape it should be, not bunched up. "Pull thread through to the next stitch and then the next, dispersing excess along the row," says the tutorial, then repeat on the other side.

If you're like me and need a visual, this video breaks it down — plus, they call 'em 'jumpers.' How neat is that?

I'll be real with you: I'm not super handy, and I'm all for the easiest method when it comes to fixing things. Luckily, Real Simple breaks down their simpler method — just tying the loose thread in a knot on the reverse side of the sweater. Side note: how retro does this 'jumper' look?

Alright, crisis averted. Now, back to my Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Image: Maridav/Fotolia