How To Use A Curling Iron On Curly Hair

Hot tools are so much better designed than they were in the past. Temperature controls, auto shut off features, and other perks are turning more and more people onto their charms. Even if you are the best ever at styling your curly hair LINK, hot tools will always be there to save you from humidity, bedhead, hat hair, and any number of mishaps.

One thing I have noticed whenever chatting beauty is a reluctance of those with natural curls to use a curling iron. Everyone has a preference for touching up their hair on the second day, but I got over the re-wet method really quickly. My waves tend to fall flat and not last as long if I keep messing with them. If you use heat to re-curl the hair, however, you get a longer lasting effect, and you’re not adding more wet products to the mix, which can cause buildup.

Angelina Mersola is a hairstylist who I see rocking this technique more often than anyone. She works with Amika to spread the gospel of their professional quality hair tools and how to use them for everyone’s texture.

Mersola’s way to take your curls from sad face to cha cha emoji is super simple, and can be used right away on wash day or to touch up the hair at any time. Here's how.

1. Start With Day Old (Or A Few Days Old) Hair

My big, voluminous curls had fallen pretty flat by day three of my shampoo cycle. The natural greases in your hair at this point will help make the curling process easier.

2. Pick Your Weapons

Amika Dry Shampoo, $22, Amazon

If you like, you can spritz your hair with some dry shampoo and heat protectant. Then, use a small wand like this 19mm Amika Professional Clipless Styling Wand to wrap each section.

3. Work In Small Sections

Mersola recommends taking quarter sized sections in the back and holding for a few seconds. When you get to your top, front sections, use smaller, nickel sized sections.

4. Work In Opposite Directions

To give the whole look a more natural feel, curl hair in a different direction each time, some towards and some away from the face.

5. Set Your Curls

Amika Hairspray, $20, Amazon

Mist curls with some hairspray while they set, allow to cool.

6. Tousle The Curls

Separate the curls with your fingers for natural-looking ringlets or brush for voluminous waves, and you are all set!

When Mersola busts out this iron at hair shows, subjects flock in droves to go curlier than they ever thought possible! I use it just to fix things up in a pinch.

This is great for when you are not quite ready to blow dry your hair, but want to still rock a textured, shaggy look. Mist with a salt or texture spray to add even more mystery, or brush and add a pea size of serum to polish it up Hollywood glam style.

Armed with a small wand you can tune a hairstyle to a much higher frequency! It’s important to have as many techniques in your pocket as possible if you want skip bad hair days. When humidity is high or when you wear a hat 24/7 you need to be able to turn frown worthy hair upside down!

Photos: Maria Penaloza (6) Angelina Mersola (2)