What Will 'OUAT' Do To Your Favorite 'Ships?

I have to admit that, while I don't watch TV shows for the 'ships, I've been known to 'ship my heart out once or twice. Mulder and Scully were my original obsession, and while I've loved many other fictional duos in my day, none have ever come quite as close... until Emma and Regina, that is. That's right — as we move into Once Upon A Time Season 5, I'm a full-fledged, flag-flying Swan Queen supporter (and really, that word is the understatement of the year) and I can't wait to see what happens with the former Evil Queen and the new Dark One. I'm also interested in Snowing and Henry's possible relationship with his first crush in Camelot, too. Thankfully, Entertainment Tonight has posted a preview of what lies ahead for our favorite Once Upon A Time 'ships this year, and it's looking like there's a little something for everyone.

Whether you're into Outlaw Queen or are desperate to know about "Wicked Womb" (yes, this is a thing, and it's gross), you'll likely be pleased with what's going down with your favorite couples in Season 5. Of course, Once isn't a show about 'shipping — there just happens to be a whole lot of 'ships to root for, if that's what you're into (and it's safe to say a lot of us are), and for good reason. As executive producer Eddy Kitsis teased, "Camelot is a place to fall in love. And I think we're going to see some really romantic and hopeful moments throughout the year as well." Fine, count me in!

Captain Swan

As we all know, Hook isn't going to take it too well that Emma has gone dark, and his behavior will be appalling for a while (though perhaps permanently). "Hook is a person who has flirted with darkness for a very long time, so seeing what Emma is going to go through is going to be a tricky situation," Kitsis explained. However, the Dark One is capable of love, and they do plan to explore Emma's declaration last season at some point.

"This year she has to deal with the fact that every time she ever told someone she loved them or kissed them, they died. Hook is there because we know he's a good survivor," Kitsis said. "So I think that it is very hard to let your guard down and make yourself more vulnerable, and that we're going to explore with Hook and her this season."

Swan Queen

It's already been said that the Season 5 premiere contains plenty of moments between Emma and Regina that will make Swan Queen 'shippers pretty happy, and I hope this is a pattern that continues throughout the season. After all, Regina is the reason Emma sacrificed her soul, so that has to mean something, right? Of course it does! "Emma and Regina have a relationship that has grown and now, into its fifth season, it has become a really strong and intense relationship," executive producer Adam Horowitz said.

"They've gotten closer than we ever thought they would get when we first saw them in the pilot and it's great," he continued. "And what I think is so great about their friendship and relationship is that we're seeing how it brings out different sides of each other. Particularly in this Dark Swan kind of arc that we're going through, Regina's history with darkness is something that gives her unique insights to Emma."

I'm so here for it.

Outlaw Queen

How will Robin and Regina deal with the fact that Robin is having a baby with Zelena and Regina cares more about saving Emma than she does about romance? Eh, we'll see! "I think their journey looks strong. I think that this baby may be a setback last year, in the sense that it threw everyone for a loop, but I think they've come together, their remaining strong," Kitsis said. "You're going to see Regina in a leadership position this year and Robin is really supporting that."

There's also apparently a "hugely romantic" scene for them in the second episode of the season, when Camelot holds a ball of sorts and Robin and Regina attend. I can't imagine it'll be much cause for celebration given that Emma will still be the Dark One and in need of saving, but there you have it!


It's already been suggested that Snow White and Prince Charming might find it difficult to deal with Emma's transition into the Dark One, and their differing approaches on how to save her just may cause some problems between them. However, their love is strong and they will work it out, it seems!

"They share a heart. Their daughter is in trouble and they're not sure how to help her, and that causes a lot of stress, but at the end of the day, Mary Margaret — as she told us in the pilot — believes in hope and we are going to get some great moments," Kitsis assured us.


When last we left them, Belle was seemingly deciding to ditch boyfriend Will for a now comatose and magic-less Rumple, but we still don't know what's going to happen with them. Now that Gold's physical state is so uncertain, how will their relationship progress?

"We'll probably see Belle reacting to that and all her issues with Gold. What he has done has to be put aside for this more important issue of how do we save him?" Horowitz teased. "And if we do save him, if we do wake him up, what is he? Who is he? Now that the darkness has been stripped away, what kind of person is he and how can their relationship move forward. Their relationship isn’t over, it's growing and changing and evolving."

Oh, and the infamous magical rose with the wilting petals will make its debut in the Season 5 finale, as well!

Henry & Violet

We know that Henry is going to get a crush this season, and also that his crush will be from Camelot. We now know that her name is Violet, though it's still unclear who exactly she is and how long she'll stick around. Needless to say, things are going to get adorable.

"She's a creation within our own show and it's really less about who she is and really more about her and Henry together," Kitsis offered. "We're really seeing Henry grow up in front of our eyes and I can tease that her name is Violet, and the two of them together are pretty awesome. Henry is going to go after his first crush."

So there you have it! Romance is going to be big business on Once Upon A Time Season 5, and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

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