Watch Guys Unknowingly Try Placenta Face Masks

There are some truly terrifying beauty trends out there, and this one might just take the cake. Cosmopolitan had guys try placenta face masks without knowing it, and their reactions when they find out what they are wearing are priceless. It's weird to say the least, but what's more bizarre is that people actually use placenta face masks on purpose. Why? Because the unorthodox ingredient apparently has some major benefits.

According to Huffington Post, placenta reduces the signs of aging and boosts the production of collagen, allegedly. The publication also says that the main ingredient in these products usually comes from sheep, not humans, but that definitely doesn't make it any more appealing to me. If you're not feeling a facial, there are also placenta face-wash and placenta pills available on the market.

These four guys who tried the trend for Cosmo aren't the only ones who have dabbled in this unusual practice — Kim Kardashian uses placenta face masks, too. But at least she doesn't do so unknowingly! The guys were all fine and dandy using sheet masks, until they found out that the main ingredient was placenta.

There was a large range of different reactions, but ultimately no one seemed thrilled about being tricked into using placenta on their faces. Here's how the guys reacted.

1. "Oh, God. That is ridiculous."

After guessing that the main ingredients were eucalyptus and vitamins, he wasn't excited to hear that the mask was actually made of placenta. He did keep it on though.

2. "I need to take five showers and rip all my teeth out."

A little dramatic, but can you blame him?

3. "I'm putting on another human being's... insides."

Calm, cool, collected, and confused.

4. "I'm not thrilled about having placenta on my face."

How matter-of-fact.

Check out the full video to watch them go from confusion to utter horror in just a few moments.

I can't help but wonder what these guys did to deserve this.

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