20 Shirts For Serious Yoga-Lovers

Anyone who practices yoga on a regular basis knows that it's much more than just a form of exercise — it's a way of life. Yoga is about learning how to breathe, let go, and be at peace with yourself and the world around you. And since it's about so much more than just the hour you spend in class each day, don't you think you should dedicate some of your wardrobe to it? Yoga graphic tees and tanks are super cute, comfy, and show everyone where your passion lies.

The below yoga tops are perfect for actual yoga class, but they're also cute enough to be worn at any time of the day. Because honestly, why not show off your love for this awesome form of meditation? Plus, if you struggle with keeping up with a daily practice, these tees might remind you to get it done. Who says cute workout wear can't also be your personal form of motivation?

So get in touch with your spiritual side and order a few of these T-shirts and/or tank tops. But be sure to practice a little extra — that will make up for the money you spent, right? Maybe? OK, whatever, these are worth it. Here are 20 cute tops every girl who loves yoga will want in her closet:

1. Spiritual Gangster Baseball Tee

Perfect for when you're in touch with your spiritual side, but also you're pretty tough.

Spiritual Gangster Logo Baseball Tee, $65, Nordstrom

2. Yolo/Yoga Tank

If you're honestly pretty over "yolo," you need this tank. Plus, the skeleton is cool.

Petals and Peacocks Less Yolo More Yoga Tank, $42, Nylon

3. Namast'op Tank

Because why say "I can't" without adding a yoga twist to it?

Namast'op I Can't Flowy Tank, $44, Shop Betches

4. Yoga and Beer Shirt

This is for every girl out there who loves to do yoga, but loves to drink beer more.

Racerback Tank, $22, Brewer Shirts

5. Let It Go Tee

Since yoga is all about letting go of the negative, this is basically the perfect shirt. With a little sass, it's even better.

Buddha Slouchy Tee, $35, Etsy

6. Omies Tank

The real squad goals starts with this tank top right here.

Jala Clothing Omies Tank, $40, Evolve Fitwear

7. Straight Outta Meditation Shirt

See what they did there? Eh? Eh? This is pop culture savvy and pretty adorable.

Straight Outta Meditation Shirt, $36, Super Love Tees

8. Namaste Bitches

Serve your Wild Thing pose with a side of sass.

Ohm Indian Design Women's Plus Size Tee, $29.99,

9. Change Your View Tee

Yoga is all about changing the way you see things, and the way you deal with them. This cute tee is a reminder of that.

Change Your View Tee, $26, Etsy

10. Namast'ay In Bed

Everyone's favorite in sweatshirt form. This cozy top can be used on chilly yoga days, or just when you're bumming.

Yoga Sweatshirt, $38.95, Etsy

11. Be Here Now Tank

Yoga teaches you how to be in the moment. Don't let that only apply when you're practicing - make sure you're always staying in the moment with this tank.

Be Here Now Tank, $32, Super Love Tees

12. Haute Yogi Tank

When you're glamorous and you also love yoga, you clearly need this tank.

Haute Yogi Tank, $16, Etsy

13. Hotter Than Bikram

You better believe it.

Ruby Fit Bikram Yoga Vest, $7,

14. Yoga Hair Tee

Do you need to do your hair after yoga? Not if you're wearing this t-shirt.

Yoga Hair Tee, $27, Etsy

15. Yoga Coffee Naps Tank Top

Yup. I'm pretty sure this is the definition of the perfect day.

Yoga Coffee Naps Graphic Tank, $20, Busy Bella Boutique

16. Yoga Definition Tee

What is the REAL meaning of yoga? It's on this t-shirt!

ASOS T-Shirt, $26, ASOS

17. Inhale Exhale Tank

A very important yoga mantra on your tank top? Yes please. This reminds you to breathe correctly all day long.

Inhale Exhale Tank Top, $30, Reverence Apparel

18. Yoga Tank

Sometimes you just want to wear something simple. That's when you go for this cute tank top.

Yoga Heart Tank, $9.99, Devine79

19. Namaste Sweatshirt

Did someone say yoga? This cute sweatshirt is perfect with a pair of boyfriend jeans and heels.

Spiritual Gangster You Had Me At Namaste Shrunken Sweatshirt, $86, Evolve Fitwear

20. But First Yoga Tank

Don't do anything else until you get your daily practice in. Trust me!

But First Yoga EXP Core Graphic Tank, $16.90, Express