10 Worst Things People Do On A First Date


Dating can be pretty damn terrible. Essentially, you meet up with an almost stranger or a complete stranger whom you're attracted to, and have to fill three or so hours with banter that makes you come off as smart and sexy. If it's going swimmingly, you're stressing out over how to keep up the good vibes. If it's a bad first date, you're struggling with how to call it a night without hurting your date's feelings.

Not to mention the monkey wrench that online dating throws into the whole process. You try your best not to make it obvious that you have never seen your date IRL before, as you scan the location you're meeting at, looking for them. Which is easier said than done if they look nothing like their pictures. Or worse, when you meet up with someone you've met online, only to find that the reason they're single is painfully obvious. For example, they smell like old cheese or are extremely angered by small things, like having to wait for a table.

Can it get any worse? According to these 10 people, it absolutely can. Read on for what they had to say about the worst things they've ever encountered on a first date. Their experiences run the gamut from extreme rudeness to total cheapskates and more.

1. Samantha, 23

2. Paul, 27

3. Corina, 29

4. Chris, 26

5. Ava, 29

6. Gabe, 24

7. Sara, 27

8. Steve, 23

9. Gina, 29

10. Larry, 29

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