Drink Your Way Through The 'OUAT' Season Premiere

It's finally hereeeee! On Sunday night, the premiere of Once Upon A Time Season 5 will be on our TV screens after a summer hiatus that seemed to last way too long. If you pay attention to spoilers or even just read TV Guide, you probably already know what lies ahead: Emma is now the Dark One, and she needs saving. That means traveling to Camelot to find Merlin, but before the group gets there, they'll encounter Brave's Merida, plus King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. It's going to be a lot of fun, but drinking your way through it will be even better. So how about a Once Upon A Time drinking game?

Sure, Once is a family show, but plenty of adults love watching it, too. And while you certainly don't need alcohol to make the series more enjoyable, it doesn't hurt — and it is a special occasion, after all. Whatever your preferred drink, you've still got a few hours to hit up the liquor store before the premiere, and when it airs, you'll be fully ready to get nice and buzzed as we fans head back to Storybrooke (and onwards to Camelot). Don't get too crazy — after all, it is a school/work night. So once you've got your supplies, turn on ABC and get your drinks ready.

Every Time Rumple Says "All Magic Comes At A Price": Take A Shot

We know from the previews/promo shots that we'll be seeing Rumple in his old Dark One form as he mentors Emma in her new role. The best thing about Rumple was his trademark catchphrase, but we may or may not get it in the Season 5 premiere. If we do, do yourself a favor and take a shot.

Every Time Someone Refers To Emma As "Dark Swan": Take A Shot

The season premiere episode title is "The Dark Swan", but if someone actually utters those words on screen, you deserve a shot, don't you think?

Every Time Regina & Hook Bicker: Take A Shot

Hook and Regina are the two people closest to Emma, and they'll have very different approaches to how to save her and restore her to her former Savior self. Who comes out on top remains to be seen, but drink up every time they take pot shots at each other.

Every Time Snow Says Something Hopeful: Take A Shot

Snow and Charming will likely be in an absolute state, having just lost their daughter again, but Snow is known for her eternal hope and will likely still have a lot of faith in Emma's ability to fight the darkness and their own ability to save her. Fill up your shot glass in preparation, because it's coming.

Every Time Hook Throws A Tantrum: Take A Shot

If Hook doesn't take to the bottle again since Emma's gone, I'll be shocked. Even if he manages to stay teetotal, no doubt he'll throw tantrums about losing his happy ending and having his girlfriend consumed by the darkness (for which he'll blame Regina). Drink up, everyone!

When Merida Appears On Screen For The First Time: Take Two Shots

I mean, we know it's coming, and it'll likely be close to the beginning of the episode, so why not get ahead of the game with a double shot?

Every Time Zelena Threatens To Get Her Revenge: Take A Shot

Zelena may be stuck in Storybrooke's asylum at the moment, but she won't be for long, and something tells me she'll still be hell-bent on getting revenge on those who've wronged her. When she mentions doing anything evil, take a shot.

Every Time Emma Kills Someone: DRINK EVERYTHING

Let's hope this doesn't happen too much, but if Emma starts up a body count in her new, darker identity, you should probably down whatever bottles you have available, because it's getting serious.

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