Marriage proposals aren't normally associated with roller coaster rides, but the two things have more in common than you may think: They're both a little scary, mostly exciting, and both can cause that wild butterflies feeling in the pit of your stomach. So just imagine then how Austin Crecelius must have felt when he recently proposed to his girlfriend on The Voyage roller coaster at an Indiana amusement park. Talk about a thrill-seeker.

That's right. Crecelius and girlfriend Allison (Allie) Boyle recently got engaged while riding The Voyage roller coaster — which is described as the No. 1 wooden coaster in the nation — at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. Crecelius, who remained impressively calm for a person holding a diamond ring on a very fast-moving ride, enlisted a friend to videotape the whole thing, and it's pretty adorable (if a little nerve-racking).

As can be seen in the clip below, his proposal is filled with all-too-fitting roller coaster analogies. “At one point in time you had mentioned to me that life is like a roller coaster," he says. "And though you can go by yourself, it's a lot more fun to go with another person. So I wanted to ask you if you wanted to be my roller coaster buddy. Allie, will you marry me?” Say it with me now: Aww!

The proposal is clearly a big surprise to Allie, who is overcome with (happy) emotion, and starts tearing up before saying yes. Obviously. I mean, how could you turn down a proposal like that?

But their engagement story doesn't stop there. After sharing the video on YouTube, commenters pointed out to the couple that, while the friend's recording skills were impressive (especially while also holding on for dear life), using a cell phone while on a ride like that can be dangerous. Crecelius was cool enough to acknowledge this and apologize to Holiday World for breaking its safety policy in the video caption.

The park, for its part, responded even more awesomely, not only reminding everyone to be safe on the rides, but also adding this sweet message for the bride and groom-to-be: "May all your adventures as husband and wife make you hang on tight, scream a little, laugh a lot, and bring you happily back home again."

Well, if their engagement is any indication, this couple is clearly in for a lifetime of thrills.