You Need To Be Following This Dog On Instagram

The art world is filled with well-known figures who attend every single party and gallery opening, but there is one name that stands out above all the rest — at least on social media: Miss Pickle, of the PickleBeholding Instagram account. What makes her so special? She's sophisticated, has great taste, and people love her — and oh yeah, she's a French bulldog.

That's right, this doggy is not just adorable, she's also the darling of the art world. Her Instagram account, PickleBeholding, has more than 7,000 followers, and is filled with photos of her hitting up exclusive art fairs and major galleries and taking snaps with artists like Hank Willis Thomas, Takashi Murakami, and others.

So how exactly did Miss Pickle become such an art legend? Her owner is art adviser Katie Howard, who says the pooch has always had a calm temperament and is used to behaving around fragile items in their apartment. That made her the perfect companion to bring to art exhibits and openings. She soon became such a popular figure among gallerygoers, that owners started requesting her presence — and the rest is Instagram-worthy history.

Howard told This Dog's Life that while Miss Pickle loves all art, she does have one favorite aesthetic: anything that looks like her chewy dog toys! Of course.

Check out some of her adorable photos below:

See? It doesn't get much more sophisticated than that!