A Girl Snagged A Huge Fish Using A Barbie Toy

Barbie has a bit of a dubious reputation these days, but every once in a while, something comes along to remind us why she's still queen of the doll kingdom. Case in point: Earlier this week, a video showing a little girl netting a 5-pound bass with her Barbie fishing pole went viral, because who doesn't love a little girl power to start their day?

Uploaded by YouTube user Ram Menta, the video catches the glorious moment when a tiny little girl named Avery reels in a disturbingly huge fish using nothing but a flimsy, pink fishing pole and some serious determination. It's a wonder the pole didn't break under the strain — the fish in question is the kind that would send me screaming out of the water if it brushed against my foot, fueling my conviction that deep water is the stuff of nightmares. In the clip, her proud father estimates that the bass is around 20 inches, which is at least 18 inches beyond what I'm comfortable with.

Despite Amazon reviews to the contrary, though, the Barbie fishing pole had zero problems catching the fish, leading me to believe there are two possibilities here. First, the little girl could be a wizard coming into her magical powers, and her willpower gave the tiny, plastic fishing pole a boost. Just look at her face.

That's the face of a wizard if I've ever seen one... which, admittedly, I haven't.

The second possibility is that the fishing pole is actually a magical Excalibur-esque tool bequeathed to Avery on the shore of the lake earlier that day, along with a prophecy that she will become the greatest fisherwoman of all time. How else could she have netted a fish this huge?

I see no other explanation.

Check out the video below:

Images: Ram Mehta/YouTube (2)