Jim Gordon's Job On 'Gotham' Could Shift Again

When the brand new police Commissioner Sarah Essen died on Gotham, it came as a true shock. Without trolling IMDB or watching the credits closely, her departure was impossible to predict, especially because things were finally starting to look up for the GCPD. Sure, they were about to face their biggest threat yet, the "Maniax," but the corrupt Commissioner Loeb was kicked out of office, and Jim Gordon was reinstated as detective, back in the department alongside his girlfriend, Dr. Leslie Thompkins. All in all, it seemed like the cops would work together each week and slowly put the Maniax back behind bars.

Unfortunately, Theo Galavan's crew had a very different idea, and just managed to kill almost all of the GCPD in a brutal scene. All they had to do was walk right into the precinct, and the Commissioner and the rest of her officers were somehow powerless to defend themselves. But now that this tragedy has struck the police — will Jim Gordon be promoted, or thrown back down? Essen always trusted Jim, and reinstated him as soon as she became Commissioner. If her wishes are honored, then Jim will quickly be promoted... into a job that he keeps throughout the Bat-canon. Because unless Gotham is prepared to make some major changes to the established universe, Gordon should eventually age into the more grizzled Commissioner with decades of experience.

Further complicating things, Michael Chiklis is due to join the cast as a character named "Captain Barnes," as reported by TVLine. Whether he's a new friend of Gordon's or puppet of Galavan's, it's too soon to tell.

But before Ben McKenzie's version of the character ages into Gary Oldman, there may be more setbacks for Jim Gordon ahead. Because there's also a chance they could bring back either Commissioner Loeb or cast a whole new person in the role, who could be working against Gordon again.

And let's not forget that Gordon just called in a favor from the biggest mobster in Gotham City — so even if a no-nonsense stickler just like him is pegged for the job, Gordon might be the one who's considered corrupt. Even though Harvey Bullock is back by his side, the two may be fighting against both a collection of demented villains and another demotion on Gotham this season.

Images: Nicole Rivelli, Mark Seliger/FOX; Giphy