'Remember The Titans' Is So Star-Studded

Many sports movies are made, but truly great sports movies are hard to come by. One of those movies, Remember The Titans, is a true classic, and the Remember The Titans cast is full of soon-to-be movie stars that we all love today. The plot goes a little something like this: Herman Boone, a black man, is chosen to be the football coach at the desegregated T.C. Williams High School. The black and white players on the team clash all the time, and it’s up to Boone and his assistant coordinator, Bill Yoast, to get them to stop fighting and start playing. Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell, the leaders of the white and black squads, respectively, eventually become friends for the sake of the team, and of course, everyone is happy because they’re winning.

Celebrating a win after the state’s semi-finals, Bertier is paralyzed in a car crash and the Titans must go on to win the finals without him. They win, everyone cries, and that’s the end. A good sports movie has to end with a good cry. Though the story is pretty tried-and-true, the cast was full of relative nobodies. Denzel Washington was really the only big name in the film. Here’s a list of people you totally forgot played the field in Remember The Titans.

1. Kate Bosworth

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A pre-Blue Crush (her first name-making role) starred as Emma, Garry’s boyfriend and, frankly, a real bigot. She was not at all nice to the black guys on the Titans, and well, she sucked. Since her time in Titans, Bosworth has starred in films like Blue Crush , Still Alice, and Superman Returns. She’s also a muse and designer in the fashion world.

2. Donald Faison

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Whether you know him as Turk from Scrubs or Murray from Clueless, Faison made a bit stop during his long career to play Petey Jones. Besides starring on shows like The Exes and Undateable, Faison has done a ton of voiceover work for shows like Kim Possible, Robot Chicken, and Star Wars: Detour.

3. Ryan Hurst

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Ryan Hurst’s biggest role after starring as Garry Bertier in Remember The Titans is the one that’s broken my heart the most. For five seasons, Hurst played Harry “Opie” Winston on Sons Of Anarchy . Let’s just say Opie’s story didn’t end well and I’m still not over it. Currently, Hurst can be seen on the TV series Bates Motel.

4. Ryan Gosling

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I mean, don’t we all know where Ryan Gosling is today? From Remember The Titans to Young Hercules, Gosling took the momentum from his starring turn in The Notebook and ran with it, becoming one of the few actors in Hollywood who can do a movie that actually means something. He eschews big-time flicks for independent films — he’s definitely come a long way from playing Alan Bosley, huh?

5. Ethan Suplee

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Suplee’s appearance as Louie Lastik at T.C. Williams High School wasn’t the start of his career — he had been in plenty of movies prior to Remember The Titans, including American History X, Dogma, and Road Trip . Oh, and remember Suplee’s turn on a little show called Boy Meets World? Suplee’s been working consistently since, most recently with a role in The Wolf Of Wall Street. From Sunshine to Scorsese? Not bad.

6. Hayden Panettiere


The littlest member of the Remember The Titans cast, Panettiere has kept busy since her turn as Sheryl Yoast, Bill Yoast’s tiny but opinionated daughter. Currently starring as Juliette Barnes on ABC’s Nashville , Panettiere has also lead films like I Love You, Beth Cooper, Scream 4, and Bring It On: All Or Nothing.

Do you feel like a Titan now? Time to warm up those pipes for “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

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