Scott Michael Foster Is All Bad On 'Blood & Oil' & That's Good News

Whoo, feeling just so many feelings after the ABC's premiere of Blood & Oil there was a lot of ground covered in this episode that essentially set the stage for the rest of the season. Newcomers Billy and Cody pack up their lives and head to North Dakota where they try and capitalize on the recent oil boom. We could talk about how amazing it is to see Chace Crawford on TV again (missed you, Nate) or how Don Johnson chewed through the scenery as oil tycoon Hap Briggs (missed you even more Nash) but the true scene stealer was Scott Michael Foster as Hap's trust fun son, Wick Briggs. Typically the well meaning slacker or good humored love interest (see Greek and Once Upon A Time) Foster entered Blood & Oil as the town bad boy, getting into trouble at the local bar. So far, right on par with all expectations.

It was there that everything turned on its head. It looks like Wick is not going to be a slacker or the token comedic relief. In fact is looks like Foster is Blood & Oil's main villain. And you know what? It totally worked for him. His father is awful to him, he hates his step-mother and when he insults her (in a very not classy move) Hap essentially disowns him, cutting him off from funds and luxury houses. Now Wick has decided to make his own fortune, except that by "make it" he means steal crude oil off of his father's land. He gets caught red handed and almost shoots and kills his father, before Billy jumps into the fray. We leave off with them in a dangerous exploding mud wrestle, but I'm pretty confident they all survive the explosion.

The real question is does Wick stay the bad guy? Is he the young antagonist to Crawford's hopeful protagonist Billy? Right now it seems that way, and I'm pretty into that. It's nice to see Foster playing against type and things are always more interesting when people are feuding.

Images: Fred Hayes/ABC