Justin Bieber Was Actually Serious About That Retirement Thing

Hey y'all, remember when Justin Bieber said he was "actually retiring, man" and his fans, his manager and the rest of us all kinda laughed and said "lol, I think not bro"? Well, jokes on us, um... sort of, I think. Bieber took to Twitter once again on Christmas Eve, with a very confusing series of tweets that have left us wondering will he stay or will he go (and also, where the hell is his sense of holiday cheer)? Although Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, told Ryan Seacrest that by retirement he really meant hiatus, the fact that Justin has now alluded twice to retirement in a short period of time should, at the very least, raise the hackles of rabid beliebers all around the world.

First Bieber said he was quitting the game, or "actually retiring," which I suppose he thought was different than say, merely retiring or just retiring. However, he then went on to to say that being a belieber was a "lifestyle," and that he would always be there, a terrifying concept for those who of us went on to picture Bieber, floating in the sky like Mufasa in the Lion King, telling us all to keep it swaggy. This is how it went down:

Dude please, no one stays relevant forever once they've retiring, even if they do have a legion of dedicated fans. Honestly bro,

So yeah, that all happened. Which really makes us wonder about Justin Bieber's understanding of holiday cheer, as announcing a retirement bound to break millions of hearts on Christmas Day (on the day his documentary Believe hits theaters) seems a little macabre. Let's hope, as Scooter Braun has said, that this retirement will merely be a hiatus, but hey, you just never know when it comes to Bieber.

Image: Youtube/Tita Auntie