Kim K Rocks Yet Another See-Through Dress

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians certainly know how to rock a formal look in the daytime. Kim Kardashian wore a see-through dress on Sunday and totally rocked it. While the notion of a sheer dress might seem like a surprising choice for a daytime ensemble, Kardashian looked classic and elegant, thanks to the fabric and the neutral shade.

The social media mega star also recently wore a sheer, black Givenchy dress, which was equally as awesome, although much more glam. The Givenchy look was high fashion, while the all-nude number was more "everyday" friendly — at least in the Kardashians' world, anyway.

Kardashian usually goes for super sexy, as opposed to classy, and even admitted on her new fashion and beauty site that she cringed when looking back at some of the outfits she wore while pregnant with North. It's nice to know that I can relate to her at least in this sense — we all have those moments when we look back at things we wore months ago, right?

With this sheer outfit, Kardashian managed to achieve the perfect mix of both sexy and classic. That's not easy to do, but she executed the balance flawlessly.

The reality star also admitted in her open letter on her site that she is now confident in her personal style, which of course includes her maternity fashions. This look is reflective of that very confidence. She knows what looks good on her and she is making slight tweaks, without eliminating her signatures.

She won't cringe when she looks back at this outfit a year from now.

This outfit is really Kim at her classiest.

A lot of comments about this dress use the term "daring." Is it really that edgy? Sure, the top is revealing. But the rest of it is beyond elegant, and is pretty tame for her, actually. It's a neutral shade. It's not leather. And that's why it works.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's the see-through black Givenchy gown she wore during New York Fashion Week. It's very sexy, thanks to the over-the-knee boots. But it wasn't too revealing, either. It was also subdued compared to some of the ensembles that Kim donned (and caused her to cringe) the first time she was expecting. She truly has come into her own with maternity style!

Overall, people need to accept the fact that Kim Kardashian is going to wear whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and I think that's a pretty great thing.