How To Wear Engagement Rings With Gloves

You're engaged and never ever want to take your ring off — congrats! But as it's getting colder, chances are high you're wondering how to wear engagement rings with gloves. Keeping your fingers warm should take priority to keeping your gorgeous ring on, but fortunately you can do both.

To answer this, I turned to my friend Sara who got engaged last January in thick of winter weather. She obviously wanted to show off her ring all over town, but something about not wearing gloves in 11 degree weather sounded less than appealing. She scanned message boards all over the internet to find the best solutions.

Before Sara dove into how to rock an engagement with ring gloves, she told me that you need to think about how the cold weather affects your fingers in the first place. Glamour explained, "The cold weather makes your fingers contract — and smaller ring fingers equal loose engagement rings." To manage this, my girl used cushion solution, which temporarily reduces your ring size without having to straight up change the band. Finding ways to make your ring fit without changing the band size is ideal, as your fingers are going to expand in the summer and you don't want to get trapped in a never ending band resizing cycle!

As for gloves and rings, here are her top three suggestions:

1. Flip The Ring

Free and simple to do, turning the ring gem side-down onto your palm usually works to slide any size glove over the top. This will help keep the ring from slipping when you take the glove off.

2. Mittens

Popcorn Knit Fleece Lined Mittens, $35, Nordstrom

Mittens generally have far more room on the inside, so your ring should fit without a problem!

3. Stretch Gloves

Fleecewear Stretch Gloves, $19, Cuddle Duds

I know, rather self-explanatory, but opting for a roomier pair of stretchy gloves is another simple way to not have to ever take your ring off.

Image Credit: Lisa Widerberg, Kevin Dinkel/Flickr