This Restaurant For Single People Is Every Bit As Awkward As It Sounds — VIDEO

If you ever felt lonely on a Saturday night, maybe it’s time to move to Korea, where this Korean restaurant for single people exists. That’s right. Imagine the fear of going out to eat alone being replaced by the fear of forced eye contact with a complete stranger. Where can I sign up, people?!

Since Korean television has figured out exactly what works when it comes to hidden camera shows, and because I truly enjoy watching people in awkward situations, this video is a win win for me. Random (probably pre-selected) individuals (potential actors looking for work) go out for a free meal, only to be presented with an option to have someone join in. All of them opt in for company, at which point the wall divider slides open to reveal another hungry patron. Boom. Instant awkwardness and magical chemistry over what looks like noodle soup.

Fun Fact: I love doing things alone. I skim the delicate edge of introvert versus extrovert every single day. I have gone to movies, concerts, and museums all by myself. The only thing I have not done has been getting a meal all by my lonesome. And I don’t mean like a slice of pizza or a cup of coffee. I’m talking about a legit Friday night restaurant type of situation. If I somehow conquered that fear and was then presented with an option to have someone join me I would take it, no questions asked. Here are some of my favorite highlights from the video:

My Life In A Nutshell

They were lured inside with the misleading claim of free food. Once inside, the real motives are revealed to them. You've been betrayed by your stomach, their inner voices whisper.

This Can't Get Worse

I mean, how can this really be a trap? They did get their food. Maybe if they said yes to more things in their lives, things would turn around even more?

This Just Got Weird

At least they can take comfort in the idea that other people were just as foolish as they were to trust their stomachs.

Make sure to watch the conversations that organically pop up when a trap divider falls away below!

Images: YouTube(3); Pexels