3D Printer Glowforge Engraves Sushi & Any Other Kind Of Food You Dare To Dream About

“I want to try some laser cut sushi” is not a phrase I ever expected to utter, but, friends, the future is here, laser cut sushi is a thing, and I WANT IT. These unbelievably pretty sushi rolls come courtesy of Glowforge, a wireless 3D laser printer that uses a very precise laser (accurate to the width of a human hair) to cut and engrave a variety of flat materials, including wood, leather, cardboard, and acrylic, as well as edibles like chocolate and seaweed. According to Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing, Glowforge is much simpler to use than a 3D printer, and sells for a lower price than other laser cutters.

Using Glowforge seems surprisingly easy. Users place their materials on the machine’s 12 by 20-inch platform, and then use software on their computers or tablets to choose a design; crafty people can create their own designs for the cutter, but users can also choose designs from a catalogue. The device can also cut or engrave lines drawn directly on a user’s preferred material, meaning that you could sketch something on a piece of leather, and have it engraved only a few minutes later.

Glowforge’s camera is able to detect the type of material you’re using and adjust the laser accordingly. As a promotional video for the machine shows, the laser can even be used safely to engrave a laptop or phone.

The laser cut seaweed that adorns the sushi above is obviously a showstopper, but there are a lot of other impressive things one can make with Glowforge, including chocolate, home décor, leather goods, and simple machines.

Glowforge is currently available for preorder. At almost $2,000, it’s not cheap, but who cares about money when you can make sushi with your name on it?

Glowforge on YouTube

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