How Much Are Wool Coats?

by Lindsey Rose Black

A winter coat is not only a fashion statement, but a necessary part of any seasonal wardrobe. Good coats can come in a huge range of costs, and if you're in love with wool and wondering how much wool coats are, let me preface the answer by saying a wool coat is definitely an investment. They don't come cheap, but when taken care of properly, can last for years and years!

With their natural waterproof properties and incredible insulation abilities, wool coats are definitely warm enough for even the chilliest winter. It's no wonder then that they don't come cheap. Listen to the sage words of Wise Geek: In general, the more expensive the wool coat, the longer it will last. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to shell out $2000 for a legit jacket. I've researched around and found a great slew of wool coats in a wide variety of prices.

As tempting as it is to jump on the greatest wool coat bargain, I would encourage you to do as much research as you can before purchasing. Since wool coats come directly from animals, do as much as you can to ensure your coat was made in humane environments. Stella McCartney recently parted ways with a wool supplier that was abusing its animals, and supporting brands consciously making efforts to protect animal rights are worth supporting.

Whether you've got a couple hundred or nearly a thousand set aside for the perfect wool winter coat, there's one for your style, climate, and budget.

Under $300

1. Plaid Wool Blend Coat

Drop Shoulder Wool Blend, $132, Nordstrom

A wool blend provides the luxury of wool at a lower price tag, and the plaid adds the perfect preppy touch.

2. Basket Weave Coat

Long Basket Weave, $178, Nordstrom

This long basket weave coat is another stunning wool blend option.

Under $600

1. Buckle Front Coat

Hooded Buckle Front, $390, Nordstrom

66 percent wool, this buckle front is sure to keep you cozy.

2. Classic Trench Style

Boucle Coat, $595, Nordstrom

A classic trench style wool coat for the chicest of chilly days.

Under $1000

1. Quilted Bomber

Quilted Bomber, $750, Nordstrom

92 percent wool, this bomber jacket will keep you warm with an edgy touch.

2. Double Breasted Alpaca Coat

Double Breasted Coat, $795, Nordstrom

Featuring alpaca wool, this luxurious coat is worth its hefty price tag.

Image Credit: Nick Olejniczak/Flickr