The "Ireland Ghost" Video Is Freaking Us Out, So Here Are 7 Other (Probably Fake) Ghost Videos To Send A Shiver Up Your Spine

I love paranormal stuff, even though I don't believe in any of it. I'm just one of those people who just likes getting spooked, so of course I loved this: an Irish woman claims a poltergeist trashed her kitchen. She says that the ghostly activity is forcing her to move out of her home — and she has the video to prove it.

According to Inquisitr, the "Ireland Ghost" video was first posted to Ashy Murphy's Facebook page on September 15. It was posted again to the same page on September 16; then, on September 22 and 23, a second video was posted and reposted, making the pair of videos a seemingly coordinating set. But is it real? That remains to be seen. I don't think the video is obviously fake; some people claim they can see wires, but I keep looking and can't at all. Either way, though, it's spooking a lot of people out, even though that ghost is probably not evil and just dancing to the funky electronic music she's playing.

It's popped up in a variety of places since going viral, so if you want to see it for yourself, take a look below. What do you think? Real? Not real? Part of a viral advertising campaign for an upcoming horror movie none of us have heard of yet? You be the judge:

It's hard to ignore the perfect timing of this spooky video; after all, Halloween season is nearly upon us. So in honor both of the Ireland Ghost video and the upcoming fright fest that is pretty much the entire month of October at this point, here are some of my other favorite "ghost" videos — even if they're probably hoaxes anyway.

1. The Levitating Girl

into wonder on YouTube

Look, I'll believe anything that happens in a Russian forest. If any place is haunted, it's the freaking Russian wilderness in winter.

2. The Ghost In the Stairwell

ParanormalCamera & CrazyTape on YouTube

This one really freaked me out. A young girl gets her dance funtime interrupted by some ghost girl who wants to join in. Unlike some ghost videos in which the people filming are completely stoic, the people here are extremely convincing in their freakout.

3. The Ouija Board Freakout

CurvedTV on YouTube

Conversely, two of the reasons I love this video are: 1) It's a bunch of teenagers playing with an Ouija board at a slumber party — very relatable to me; and 2) the teens happen to be incredibly bad actors ("There's no point! Nothing's going to happen!" one of the girls cleverly improvises before the board starts moving on its own"). Still, it spoked me for real.

4. The Gas Station Ghost

This one was convincing enough that it got on the local news channel. It's really weird.

5. The Theme Park Haunting

This strange apparition appears on four different security cameras — something that makes it a pretty impressive feat to fake.

6. The Haunting Of Blockbuster

mxfantasmas on YouTube

This one's crystal-clear security footage shows a poltergeist messing around with an employee at a Blockbuster Video store. Because I guess ghosts don't have Netflix?

7. The Lab Haunting

BoldlyGoProductions on YouTube

I love this video because it shows scientists — usually the most skeptical people around — responding to a haunting in a rational, scientific way. They still end up baffled. You still might want to take this one with a grain of salt, though.

Images: The Real Estreya/Flickr