Would 'Glee's Series Finale Have Been Too Perfect if Finn & Rachel Ended Up Together?

Well, it's official, we'll never stop feeling sad about Cory Monteith's death. Earlier this week, Glee's creator Ryan Murphy confirmed and elaborated on earlier claims about how Glee was set to end. Murphy opened up to Entertainment Weekly about the details of his intentions to have Monteith's Finn Hudson and longtime high school sweetheart Lea Michele's Rachel Berry live happily ever after in Lima, which essentially broke all of our grieving hearts all over again with his perfect 10 on the Rom-Com Scale ending.

Murphy originally revealed his series finale plans for "Finchel" at a memorial service for Monteith back in July, but here's the short version of how Glee was set to end. Finn was to become a teacher in Lima, at peace with his decision to stay in his hometown, and Rachel would become a big Broadway star á la her idol Barbra Streisand. The last scene of the series finale would have Rachel walking into Finn's classroom and telling him, "I'm home." Fade to black and they live happily ever after.

Sounds perfect, right? Sounds like now that we know this was Plan A, we're going to be hopelessly unsatisfied with Plan B, right? Right. But let's set aside our heartbreak and the rose-colored goggles and look at this ending for a second — doesn't it sound way too perfect for Glee? Or maybe it'd be just right to put a bow on top of the show to end it with a clear message about obstacles and flaws? Here's our analysis of the good and the bad of Glee's intended send-off:

Too Perfect

For a show that pushed the "Life Isn't Perfect" mantra to its breaking point so many times, this ending might be too textbook for us to be satisfied in longterm. It almost feels like it wouldn't fit into the empire that Murphy built on a foundation of dysfunction. It'd give us some great warm and fuzzy feels, but it just doesn't seem like the Glee we've come to know and love (and hate and love again) over the past four years.

Post-"Fade To Black" Issues

Okay, first of all, let's not ignore who Rachel Berry is and always has been, because it seems like Ryan Murphy forgot in this situation. We can understand the whole, "There's Something Missing From Her Life: Love," premise but we still can't see a world where Rachel would walk off of Broadway and return to Lima. (Unless maybe if Kurt and Blaine had moved back too but that would never happen.) Finchel would live happily ever after in that moment of her return but we all know that Rachel wouldn't be able to live with being an "ex-Broadway star" even if she started her own drama school in Ohio. And so, there'd be a Glee reunion movie where everyone would get their hearts broken AGAIN when Rachel and Finn got a divorce because she couldn't handle living in Lima anymore. Think about it.

But The Feels, You Say...

We can't forget the feels — after all, Glee's given us so many over the years. From the creepiness of Finn singing "Having My Baby" at the Fabray's dinner table to Kurt's heart-breaking "I Want To Hold Your Hand", Ryan Murphy's made us feel basically everything. So why would he not want to end the show on the warmest, most fuzziest, and most romantic note he could possibly lift from every romantic dramedy we've shamelessly sobbed over in the history of filmmaking? I really cannot deny that my heart might explode with happiness and hope for love around the world just hearing Rachel utter those two words and seeing Finn's face light up. So, considering that the show's held our emotions hostage for the past four seasons, it'd be nice of Murphy to release us in a blaze of burning love glory.

Finchel Forever

Ryan Murphy wasn't the only one who was pulling for those two from the very beginning. I know, we were brainwashed into believing them and putting our sanity on their relationship's success — but they really are perfect for each other. And in terms of fulfilling one of Glee's messages of "embracing your flaws and finding your own slice of happiness in a non-perfect world" this is it. Neurotic, Theater Geek Rachel Berry and Laid-Back, Quarterback Finn Hudson live happily ever after because there's a perfect match out there for each and every one of us even if we're nothing alike.

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