How Many Episodes Is ‘Empire’ Season 2? Get Ready For Even More Epic Cookie Moments

You know how sometimes, when you wait a long time for something, and when it finally happens, it wasn't nearly as great as you'd anticipated? Well, Empire Season 2's premiere was the exact opposite of that concept. The characters were just as compelling as ever and the plot moved at such an action-packed pace, it's hard to believe it all went down in just one episode. Seriously, there was a Free-Lucious rally, a hostile takeover of a hostile takeover, another death, and some top-notch twerking. Step aside other shows, because this is how it's done. And the best part is that we're only just getting started, especially since Empire Season 2 has more episodes than ever before.

You see, back in May, it was announced that Empire's second season had been given an episode boost and would be airing a set of — not 12 — but rather 18 episodes when the series returned in the fall. Normally TV shows fall into one of two categories. Either they run for 22-24 episodes total (which, albeit, can sometimes feel like a stretch plot-wise), or they go the shorter route with a 12 or 13-episode order. However, shows like Empire and How To Get Away With Murder are blazing a new trail and going against the grain. HTGAWM kicked off its freshman season with an unusual pickup of 15 episodes — an in-between number that more than worked to its benefit. So now that Empire is upping the ante as well, I have no doubt it will make its sophomore season the strongest one yet.

I wouldn't normally be this confident for all shows, mind you. I mean, as women have been telling their boyfriends since the dawn of time, longer doesn't always mean better. Sometimes writers are forced to produce filler episodes that do nothing to enhance the show, but rather only exist in order to reach their quota. Which is why many shows with shorter seasons can seem so much more action-packed at times. However, Empire is an entity unto itself. There is no other show on TV quite like it and has only gained more and more successful over time.

So no, I'm not worried about whether or not this series can handle the extra six episodes its been dealt. I know it can. Which means we have a very wild and crazy ride ahead of us, folks, filled with tons of drama, phenomenal music, and (perhaps most importantly), more Cookie than we've ever had before.

Bring. It. On.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX (2); entertainmenttonight/Tumblr