How To Get The Perfect Winged Liner Every Time

by Emily McClure

Not an expert at applying winged eyeliner? You don't have to be! There is a super easy trick to getting perfect winged eyeliner every single time. Want to know the secret? It's scotch tape. It may sound crazy, but it actually works. Just apply a small piece of tape from the outer corner of your eye to the tail of your eyebrow. The tape is perfect for tracing on your line, and wiping away any mistakes from the edge. This will guarantee a perfect wing every time. Just make sure to rub off a bit of the stickiness from the tape before you apply it to your eye area. This way it won't be painful when you remove the tape.

Now it's no longer a hassle to match up your eyeliner. By using a piece of tape, you can draw on your eyeliner in no time. No more messing around with cotton swabs or makeup remover in order to get the perfect line. Just place the tape, draw on your eyeliner, and remove. You'll be out the door in five seconds flat. How great is that? Get #onfleek eyeliner every time with this simple trick. Here are a three tutorials from three experts in all things beauty that prove tape really is the secret to perfect liner.

1. Elle

So simple, your cat could do it. Get it? Cat-eye? I'll stop now.

2. Tina Yong

Yass girl, yass.

3. Makeup Geek

Marlena is the Queen of Makeup on Youtube. When she mentions makeup, you listen.

Now, go out there, and create Instagram worthy eyeliner.