Nick Jonas & Kate Hudson Might Be Dating?!

There just might be a new celebrity couple taking over Hollywood. According to TMZ, Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson might be dating, or you know, just hooking up. Whatever the case, the two were most definitely spotted at Disney World last weekend. They were also photographed having brunch together. If that isn't enough, it's been reported that Hudson went to Jonas' show at the House of Blues in Orlando on Saturday night. There's no denying they hung out — a lot.

Per Us Weekly, an "insider" said that Hudson and Jonas hooked up. A second source said, "They met a couple months back and were in the same city at the same time so they met up." That second source also claims the two just hooked up, but they are not dating. So, it seems they maybe just had a little fun and it's nothing serious. I have a feeling Jonas serenaded Hudson with that sex music he won't stop talking about, because, duh.

Anyways, it's no secret that the youngest JoBro loves older women. While appearing on Watch What Happens Live! in 2013, he said he "wouldn't put a limit" on the age of a woman when it comes to dating. He even revealed the oldest person he went on a date with is 35 (Jonas was 21 at the time of the interview). He also simply said that older women "know what they want," which is what he likes so much about them.

Well, I have a feeling Hudson knows exactly what she wants. If any of this is true, she's a catch, so I can't blame him. Plus, Jonas is pretty attractive, so I can't blame her, either. Do your thing, guys!