Morena Baccarin May Marry Benjamin McKenzie, So Here's What The Perfect O.C. Wedding Would Look Like

The happy news just keeps on coming for fans of The O.C. and all things Ryan Atwood. After the recent news broke that Morena Baccarin and Benjamin McKenzie are expecting a child, recent paperwork filed by the actress surfaced that indicates the two stars are headed for marriage. According to TMZ, the papers filed by Baccarin state that she is in a committed relationship, is three and a half months pregnant, and is “planning to re-marry.” Assuming her plan is to find wedded bliss with the father of her baby, it looks like we can expect to hear wedding bells coming from the direction of McKenzie and Baccarin soon.

And because this news has me more excited than pretty much anything ever, I’ve funneled all of my stray enthusiasm into planning a wedding for the happy couple. An O.C.-inspired wedding, of course. Because what would a wedding for McKenzie be without a healthy nod to his California roots? And by a healthy nod, I mean a wedding planned so closely around his character on The O.C., that it may as well be for Ryan Atwood himself.

Hey. Let a girl dream, right? So take a look at this very beautiful, very Cohen-esque wedding that would be perfect for Ryan… ah hem, I mean Benjamin and his beautiful partner Morena Baccarin.

The Location


On the beach, with the sun setting perfectly behind them. The reception would be there, too, out in the open with a big bonfire to cap off the festivities. Kind of like those early O.C. days. Because weren’t they just the best?

The Best Man


Seth Cohen, of course. Can’t you just hear his speech now? It would be the perfect combination of nerdy, funny, sweet, and romantic. Just like him.

The Maid Of Honor


Sophie Rose Cohen! Because, guys, she’s old enough for that now. Seriously, she’d be the age that Ryan and Seth were when the show first started. Bet you really feel old now.

A Ryan Atwood Designed Chuppah


Because he’s an architect now. And because he would want to honor the Cohens’ influence over his life with a few traditional pieces.

A Marissa Memorial


I’m thinking something sweet and small, like a poem read in the middle of the ceremony or a small table by the entrance with a few tastefully framed photos. I mean, they wouldn’t want to make it all about her, but it would be considerate to at least acknowledge their loved ones who couldn’t be with them.

The Toasts


Clearly Seth would take center stage with a funny and touching best man’s speech, but the opening remarks would definitely come from Sandy and Kirsten Cohen. Standing in front of the crowd with their arms wrapped around each other, I’m sure they’d say something sweet about Ryan (crap, I did it again!)… I mean Benjamin, his beautiful bride, and the secret to having a marriage as healthy and happy as theirs.

So there you have it. The perfect O.C. wedding for the perfect couple. Because I’m sure they want to honor their roots as they step into their future together.

Image: Giphy (6)