The Dress That Broke The Internet Is A Halloween Costume Now, Plus 4 Other 2015 Viral Pop Culture Memes You Can Dress Up As

'Tis the season for hunting for witty and culturally relevant costumes to wear this Halloween, and 2015 gave us some priceless pop culture material to work with — but if you are gonna dress up like anything this year, it might as well be The Dress. Yup, The Dress is a Halloween costume now, just in case you want to relive the aftermath of broken friendships and a broken Internet The Dress left in its poorly white-balanced wake.

In case you don't remember The Dress (or maybe you just decided to push that chaos out of your mind once and for all), allow me to recap: On the afternoon of Feb. 26, Twitter basically had a full-fledged meltdown when a woman posted a photo of a dress that either appeared to be white and gold, or blue and black, depending on who you asked. Now, with this costume, things will get totally meta when nobody can figure out the color of your dress in your friends' intoxicated Instagram pics, which is basically the point of Halloween.

So how does the Halloween Dress live up to The Dress, IRL? Regardless if you were team white and gold or blue and black, this costume caters to both sides of the debate. Available on for $46.95, the costume looks like this:

Of course, if The Dress isn't really your style (see what I did there?), there are other meme-worthy moments from 2015 you can channel this Halloween. From the triumph of #LoveWins to the persistence of Pizza Rat, 2015 provided a steady stream of moments that we've celebrated, belabored, and lampooned. But, just like the spirits that mingle with the living on All Hallows' Eve (insert spooky organ music), it's only appropriate on Halloween to resurrect some of our favorites in the form of costumes.

2015 was a year for the every-man-and-woman. We saw ourselves in the gloriously absent-minded Left Shark. Ruth Notorious RBG Ginsburg is having a renaissance at 82-years-young. Here's how you too can be totally viral this Halloween.

1. Pizza Rat

Dress up as New York's bad boy and YouTube sensation Pizza Rat with this onesie from Awesome Inventions.

Awesome Inventions — $59.99

2. Crazy Blank Space Taylor Swift

Pair this $10 leopard-print top from H&M with some red lipstick, a face full of mascara, and loads of emotions for the perfect deranged T-Swift ensemble. This video did come out in 2014, but it was after Halloween, so it's totally fair game.

3. Left Shark

Who doesn't love a dancing shark? Relive the best moment of the 2015 Super Bowl with this Party Shark costume from RootSuit. — $99

4. Notorious RBG

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Put your hair in a bun, and don a black robe with pearls and spectacles to nail the perfect Ruth Bader Ginsburg look this Halloween.

Images: Yandy; Awesome Inventions; Taylor Swift/Big Machine Productions; RootSuit/Amazon; Getty Images