Will Vega Capture Dash & The Precogs On 'Minority Report'? Agatha's Vision Is Troubling

Here's a frightening thought. It's entirely possible that on Fox's new series Minority Report, Vega will eventually betray Dash and expose him and his siblings back into the prison made by the government. On Monday night's episode, more of Agatha's vision was revealed as the audience and Agatha discovered Vega's face with voices of people discussing what should be done about the Precogs. So what on Earth will happen down the road on Minority Report for Vega to want to betray Dash and take him back into custody? It must be something terrible, right?

While it's hard to really understand what would motivate Vega to come to this decision, there is one thing that has to be said. From what we know about Minority Report and its source material (aka the film of the same name starring Tom Cruise) is that despite Agatha seeing this vision, the future can be altered. Tom Cruise's John Anderton was supposed to commit a murder in the film Minority Report, but he stopped himself and uncovered a huge conspiracy and flaw in the PreCrime system. So why do we have to assume that Vega will definitely betray Dash, Arthur and Agatha? Why can't we believe that her free will can overcome the future?

In case that is not possible and Agatha's vision is in fact set in stone, there are some possibilities for why Vega might be taking Dash and his siblings back into the system. For one, it's possible that Vega, Dash, Arthur and Agatha will eventually work together to take down the new suspicious crime system Hawk-Eye down from the inside by pretending to put the Precogs back in custody and learning the secrets of the potentially corrupt government. Vega seems to be an extremely moral person, despite going against the police procedures to solve cases with Dash. So for me to believe that she'd really just sell him out, he would have had to do something truly terrible, and I don't think that's possible.

The only way Vega would be willing to send the Precogs back into the system is if something that jeopardizes them happens in the outside world and only treatment found in the system can save them. Or it's also possible (though not likely) that Dash continue to be ruthless in his quest to save people and kills more people, leading Vega to worry about him so much that she believes the only thing that can help him is to send him back into the system. Basically if something goes wrong with Dash, that's the only way Vega would risk his freedom. They're partners and even though they haven't fully connected just yet, that's still a bond that cannot and should not be broken lightly.

Images: Katie Yu/FOX