Should A Peacoat Fit Snug Or Should I Leave Room For A Sweater?

There's something so timeless and chic about a peacoat, but finding the right fit can be a little tricky, thanks to the style coming in a variety of lengths and the whole double-button chest situation. I turned to experts to answer the question, "Should a peacoat fit snug?" and thankfully, they were full of solid advice. Now, you can feel confident when deciding to make that important coat purchase!

Fashion and beauty experts Tiffany Lowry and Darcy Camden spilled their best tips on how exactly a peacoat should fit. Camden said, "A classic peacoat should hit about mid-thigh, and a good test to make sure your coat isn’t too long (which makes you look shorter and wider), is to stand with your arms at your sides, fingers pointing down; your coat shouldn’t be much longer than the spot where your fingers touch your leg."

She also points out how sleeves of all things can really make or break the fit of the jacket. She explained, "It’s really important that the sleeves not be too long (if they are, the entire coat will look too big). Peacoats usually have a lot of detail around the wrist, which can make tailoring a challenge, so I often find putting my clients in petite size works well, even if they aren’t usually a petite!"

One extra tip Lowry added? "The go-to color for everyone is the classic navy. It always compliments skin tone, eye color, and best of all helps keep the teeth looking whiter.” If I can purchase a jacket that doubles as a teeth-whitener, you know I'm in!

Below are some of my top navy peacoat picks!

1. Classic

Peacoat, $40, H&M

This navy peacoat from H&M is a chic classic cut and budget-friendly option.

2. Wool

Wool Peacoat, $148, GAP

This wool peacoat from GAP will be extra warm!

3. Fleece

Fleece Peacoat, $149, Patagonia

Perfect for a super outdoorsy gal, Patagonia never disappoints.

4. Suited

Peacoat, $65, Asos

This suit style peacoat is chic enough to wear anywhere.

5. Flared

Flared Peacoat, $215, Via Spiga

For an extra feminine touch, opt for a flared peacoat.

6. Recycled Crop

Recylced Crop, $159, Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal always has extra unique pieces, and this cropped peacoat is a total standout.

7. Clean Cut

Classic Wool Peacoat, $160, Tommy Hilfiger

A crisp and clean look, this is a great choice for lovers of all things preppy!

Image Credit: Courtesy of Brands