Kevin Hart's 'The Daily Show' Interview With Trevor Noah Shows The New Host's Potential

The time has finally come for someone to finally fill Jon Stewart's huge, iconic shoes. Trevor Noah began his run as the new host of The Daily Show on Monday night, and he did surprisingly well, especially when you consider the gravity of the show he was stepping into. Noah was charming, seemed relaxed, and exuded pure joy throughout the episode, because why wouldn't he be joyful? It's an amazing opportunity for a comedian and he showed true potential while putting a great new spin on The Daily Show that many people will certainly appreciate. This potential especially shined through during Noah's interview with his first Daily Show guest Kevin Hart.

Hart and Noah were able to really connect and joke with each other as fellow comedians, which definitely gave viewers a different perspective of interviewing from Jon Stewart's consistently funny, though biting interviews that came after years of experience and a wide range of guests. And of course Hart leapt at the attention and the chance to poke fun at Noah and compliment him on his first show. When Hart sat down at The Daily Show table, he handed Noah a present. As Noah began opening the box, Hart joked "Stop opening it like you're not from the States!" Hart gave Noah a box of ties for his new gig and when Noah thanked Hart for the gift, he poked fun at the new host once again, saying that he expected a bigger reaction and maybe even a dance for the present.

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Noah began his interview with Hart by explaining how much he loved Hart's TV series The Real Husbands of Hollywood on BET. He then asked Hart his first question, "Are you still a 'mitch'?" For those who may not know what that term means, Hart instantly cleared it up: It's a term from the series which means "Male b*tch." Hart revealed that he absolutely was still a mitch, and continued a light-hearted, extremely entertaining rapport with Noah throughout the rest of the interview. While there were quite a few more jokes, the talk turned slightly serious a few times as Hart and Noah talked about how Hart was able to maintain intimacy with his jokes and audience even while performing to a crowd of more than 50,000 during his "Why Not" comedy tour.

Clearly, Noah was able to ask thoughtful questions of Hart thanks to their similarities as comedians, in fact it's actually really smart that Noah was given a rather "softball" interview for his first try. It'll be really interesting to watch Noah have to interview some world leaders. According to Noah's correspondent Jordan Klepper, the word "global" has been thrown around regarding his hiring as The Daily Show host. So as his reign continues, Noah will certainly have to put this "global" knowledge to good use as guests from different fields and backgrounds make their way to The Daily Show interview desk. It's just going to take some time get used to not seeing Jon Stewart's face on The Daily Show, but I have full faith that Noah will make his own mark on the show.

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