Woman Responds To Boyfriend's Rude Tweet & Becomes A Global Hero

Good comebacks are hard to find, unless you're this woman responding to her boyfriend's mean tweet with the perfect one. Generally we think of great spoken comebacks long after the opportunity to say them has passed, but social media gives you that precious time that's needed to craft the perfect comeback. Danni Bishop and Bradley Measor of Essex, England, are obviously no strangers to teasing each other, with much thanks to Danni shutting down Bradley's recent jab. On Twitter, Bradley posted a picture of his new X-Box football game with the caption "Bye Danni". BURNT, amirite?

WRONG. Danni seemed completely unfazed, and hit her response out of the god damn park. All she posted was a screenshot of Ann Summers' sex toy online store with the caption "Bye Brad," and it was enough to make every woman on earth, and probably some supportive guys too, swell and beam and declare this day International Danni Bishop day. It looks like Danni is going to be having a lot more fun post-FIFA 16 than Brad ever will. The best part is that Anna Summers allegedly sent Danni a sex toy for her viral tweet, which currently has nearly 9,500 Retweets and 8,000 Favorites, which is double what Brad pulled in favorites. Here's how it played out:

1. Once Upon A Time Brad And Danni Were Very Happy

2. And Then Brad Got A Video Game, And Sent This Out Into The World

3. But Then Danni Got Him Back With This Amazing Tweet

Images: Pexels