#GIGI Covers 'ELLE' With A Nod To Social Media

You have probably heard at one time or another that we are living in the digital age, and this statement couldn't be more true than it is now. Gigi Hadid covers Elle Canada in a self-labeled #GIGI crop top, paying homage to her colossal digital brand made possible by social media. Thanks to popular social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, a new crop of fashion It-girls have emerged. Digital darlings like Hadid and her BFF Kendall Jenner have skyrocketed to fame due to their unique interactions with their millions of fans.

It's safe to say this generation of supermodels has completely revolutionized the industry.

It seems quite fitting, then, that Hadid posed for ELLE's digital issue. The 20-year-old rocks a white collared crop top with #GIGI printed across the chest, as she points to it with a confident grin. Clearly, this woman is proud of the online empire she has built.

Social media really has helped every industry really connect with the people who are supporting them, the people who want to get an inside scoop and experience the world they wouldn't otherwise be able to," the model told ELLE.

Aside from keeping her followers up-to-date on her whereabouts, Hadid utilizes social media as a tool to defend herself against the inevitable haters. It was just yesterday that she slammed fat-shamers with a powerful body positive Instagram post. Now she is using magazine covers to make statements, and I'm loving it.

Take a look at the compelling cover.

You go, girl.

Let's take a look at some other messages Hadid delivered to us via social media.

1. She Believes All Bodies Are Beautiful

Preach it!

2. She Likes Pizza

A supermodel who is proud of her curves and loves eating pizza?! She is my new idol.

3. She Doesn't Believe In Photoshop

Hadid slammed fat-shamers once again when she posted this #BTS shot, proving her campaign images are unedited.

4. She Loves Promoting Her Brand

Looks like she is a fan of wearing hashtag-branded clothing.

5. She Supports Her Mom's Fight Against Lyme Disease

Using her social media powers to bring awareness to important causes.

6. She Wants To Help Those In Need

She asked for McDonalds gift cards for her birthday to pass out to NYC's homeless.

Hadid has clearly earned my "follow."

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