'Total Divas' Cast Has Dropped Some Season 5 Clues

As someone who never had even a slight interest in wrestling, Total Divas slapped me in the face with how addicting it can be. I accidentally started watching this show on E! and immediately began to realize how interesting these women really are. The show will wrap up its fourth season on Tuesday, Sept. 29., and I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to the ladies of the WWE. So will Total Divas return for another season?

While there has been no official word from E! on a Season 5 renewal, there is plenty of evidence that points to Total Divas returning, if you take the time to explore some Divas' twitter feeds. There doesn't seem to be a lot of drama attached to the possibility of a return either (though there is plenty of drama among the cast members to make for another exciting season). While the show's ratings have fluctuated this season, it is fortunate to have a built-in, rabid fan base of wrestling fans to keep tuning in every week.

Besides all of those technical aspects, there is some solid evidence that points to the show's ultimate return next year. Such solid evidence, I'd say you can get your "Team Bella" shirt back out and sit tight until E!'s official announcement.

Trinity Spilled News On Twitter

Naomi/Trinity Fatu tweeted to a fan on Sept. 10, that she would not be returning for the next season of Total Divas. She explained further, saying that she would be replaced on the next season for the second time. Fans may remember her original exit from the show on Season 3. Luckily, we saw her return in Season 4, but apparently it was short-lived. While this is a super bummer for Trinity fans, the important thing to note here is the fact that there seems to be a next season to talk about!

There Are Reports Of A New Diva

There has to be someone to fill the Trinity void and according to some wrestling news sites, there are reports that Amanda Saccomanno will be replacing her in the fifth season. If these reports are true, they're a pretty good indication of whether the show is in renewal status or not. Plus, look at Amanda and Nat being all close and such!

We Need To See More Daniel & Brie Being Adorable

This may not count as solid evidence, but it's a fact and needs to be addressed. I am obsessed with Daniel and Brie, in every aspect of their adorable relationship, and am not ready to give up my all access pass to those two. I don't care how creepy that sounds, I am owning it.

While we all wait for E! to hopefully confirm that Total Divas Season 5 is coming, tune into the Season 4 finale on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. After all, if we do get a fifth season, it may not premiere for a while, so we should enjoy every moment of Total Divas while we can.

Image: E! Entertainment