Nicki Minaj Comedy Series Is Coming To ABC Family, So Her Barbies Should Get Ready To Scream

I love it when Hollywood gives me things that I didn't even know to ask for. Someone up there must be smiling down upon all of us because Nicki Minaj has a TV series coming to ABC Family, as the channel announced on Tuesday. The series will apparently be a scripted comedy executive produced by Minaj, that, according to Deadline, will be "based on the rap star’s life growing up in Queens, New York." The first episode of Minaj's TV series will be filmed this winter in Minaj's hometown, before moving on to series, because who on earth could look at a pilot produced (and with appearances by Nicki Minaj), and not go, "I want 500 episodes of this, stat."

This news comes out of nowhere, but is also somehow unsurprising. After all, Minaj has been entertaining us all on stage, educating us all in her interviews, and generally proving that everything that the rapper decides to do is something that she will do well. A boss like Minaj crossing over from music into television is just to be expected. She can juggle multiple projects with style and aplomb, and she's just ambitious enough to constantly be looking for new ways to expand her brand and empire.

“This is one of the more unique adventures I’ve ever embarked on,” said Minaj herself, about the project. “I couldn’t be more proud and excited to team up with an amazing group of people to give the world something really special.” ABC Family apparently agrees, as EVP Programming and Development Karey Burke was quoted as saying, “Nicki Minaj is a force to be reckoned with at everything she touches. Nicki is an international superstar, yet not everyone knows how inspiring and hilarious her true story is, and we can’t wait to share it with the world.”

While the series currently has no designated release date, or even more of a summary than just being about Minaj's life, her fans — affectionately known as Barbies — can rest assured that this is going to be the greatest thing that Minaj has done since her last music video. After all, Minaj is no stranger to the acting world, nor is she a stranger to knowing what her own fan base wants. It's time to put "Feeling Myself" on and start counting down the days until we get more information about this epic new venture the rapper is launching.