The 10 Most Caffeinated Colleges In The United States Are Almost Certainly Celebrating National Coffee Day

Did you know that today is National Coffee Day? Yep, today is the day to celebrate all things coffee — so to see who exactly might be getting in on the holiday spirit, GrubHub did a little number crunching to establish which colleges are the most caffeine-driven in the United States. And no, the answer isn't just "all of them."

Most of us likely relied on the power of coffee more during college than we have at any other point in our lives. All-night study sessions and 7 a.m. classes can easily leave you feeling burnt out before the day has even begun. I know that when I was a student, I had a hard time getting going in the morning without my daily cup of joe — and I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one. With all of the activity happening at all hours of the day and night at university, you're probably going to end up getting your energy from caffeine a little more often than you should.

That's why food delivery service GrubHub decided to look more closely into the caffeine habits of college students. For their research, they decided to create a ranking of the 50 most caffeinated colleges in the United States. How did they dig up the data? First they narrowed the field to email addresses in their database containing the .edu ending; then they analyzed those email addresses and the orders associated with them to figure out which colleges had the highest percentage of results that contained caffeinated beverages. Search terms included items like Red Bull, Monster Energy, mocha, cappuccino, and of course, coffee.

According to GrubHub, these 10 schools consume the most caffeine than any other school in the nation. Is your alma mater on there?

10. Villanova University

Coming in at number 10 is Villanova University, which is located in Villanova, Penn. The college is a private, Roman Catholic institution known for it's stewardship efforts. All of this multitasking might be the reason students at this school consume so much caffeine, since we all know that trying to keep up when you're a student can be challenging.

9. Temple University

Temple University took ninth place on GrubHub's list. Another Pennsylvania-based school, Temple is known for its rigorous academic demands, which might partially explain its students' caffeine habits.

8. St. Johns University

Eighth place goes to St. Johns University, a Roman Catholic university located in New York State. Is anyone else curious about the prevalence of Roman Catholic schools on the list?

7. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania came in at number seven on GrubHub's ranking, presumably because of the endless amount of school work that's thrown at Ivy Leaguers.

6. The College of New Jersey

This public university has a highly caffeinated student body, a figure which likely includes the 95 percent of freshmen who live on campus.

5. Drexel University

Fifth place goes to Drexel University, which is another higher learning institution located in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvanians sure do like their caffeine!

4. University of Central Florida

UCF came in at number four on GrubHub's list of the most caffeinated colleges. Hey, no judgment; college is the time to live it up!

3. Hofstra University

Hempstead, New York-based university Hofstra received third place on the list. Since the school is located on Long Island, I bet many students are too busy exploring the streets of New York City to worry about sleep — hence their excessive caffeine intake.

2. Florida State University

This university goes hard in athletics, which could perhaps drive students to load up on caffeine in order to balance their school work and sports team obligations.

1. Lehigh University

The number one spot was give to Lehigh University, which is a private university located in Bethlehem, Penn. They might be big coffee drinkers for a good reason, since 96 percent of alumni go on to find jobs six months after graduation. It looks like the late night study sessions pay off!

Images: Pexels; St John's University,Villanova University, The College of New Jersey, Lehigh University, USF/Instagram