Does John Stamos Have Kids? The 'Grandfathered' Star Has Always Been A Great TV Dad

People who grew up in the ‘90s feel like they’ve known John Stamos their entire lives. We met him as hunky Uncle Jesse on Full House and, now, we’re ready to see him in a new, more mature light as Jimmy on Grandfathered. Watching him grow from TV uncle to TV dad to TV grandpa got me wondering, is John Stamos a dad in real life?

While Stamos is best known for characters that were lovable bachelors thrust into fatherhood (or grandfatherhood), he is not a father IRL. Stamos was once married to actress Rebecca Romijn, but the couple had no children. In 2013, Stamos spoke to InTouch Weekly about his desire to start a family:

I’d really like to be in a relationship … People used to say, "If you’re not married by 50, you’ll be alone [forever]." But, the world is different now. For the last 10 years, I’ve thought, "I’ve got to get married again and have kids!" So I’m totally open to it.

And, while the actor is still not a dad in real life, John Stamos does play one on TV. In fact, some of my favorite TV moments are when Stamos gave me the sentimental feels. Here are 6 times John Stamos was the best dad/father figure on television.

1. When He Forgives Stephanie For Breaking His Arms/Cutting His Hair

After Stephanie cuts off Jesse’s beloved hair playing beauty parlor, a frazzled Jesse gets in a motorcycle accident. She blames herself and He spends the episode being mean to Stephanie, but they have a sweet moment together in the end where they forgive each other, naturally.

2. All Of The Cute Michelle/Jesse Moments

Remember when Jesse wrote the song, “Michelle Smiling?” Too adorable.

3. When Jesse Finds Out He Is Going To Be A Dad

Cheese Half Ink A Hot Dog.

4. When Jesse Plans An Epic Mother's Day For Becky

But, the boys just can’t wait for Mother's Day.

5. When Jimmy Pulls A Kramer Vs. Kramer On Grandfathered

He runs through traffic with Edie to rush her to the hospital because he cares so much.

See? Even decades later, Stamos is still a great fictional father figure. Tune in Tuesday night to watch him become a parent all over again on Grandfathered.

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