9 Fairy Makeup Tutorials For Halloween, Because Glowy Never Looked So Good — VIDEOS

Halloween is almost here, and I hope you have a costume in mind. If you’re late to the costume-creating game, allow me to make a suggestion: a glowy, gorgeous fairy. They’re adorable, magical, easy, and serve as an excuse to go HAM on your makeup. I've rounded up the best fairy makeup tutorials for Halloween. Strobing, here you come.

Being a fairy for Halloween is so simple. All you need is a pair of wings and some attitude (remember Tinkerbell? That girl was feisty). Being a fairy serves as a great Halloween costume because fairies are beautiful, fierce, possess magical powers, and aren’t as painfully predictable as Cinderella or Elsa. Also, have you ever met someone who didn't like fairies? The answer is no.

This is also a great excuse to bust out all your glitter, your MAC eyeshadow pigments, and your pastel makeup, that is, if you’re into the rule-following kind of fairies. If you’re the rebellious kind, have no fear: There are makeup tutorials for you, too.

Below is a roundup of some of my favorite, most creative fairy makeup tutorials on YouTube. Everyone from woodland fairies to snow queens are represented, so you can go as the unexpected fairy or mix a few of your favorite tips into one totally unique look. It’s up to you, so have fun with it!

1. Easy Fairy Makeup

This one is super colorful, creative, and easy to achieve. Swap out the poppy eyeshadow for blue or green — whatever looks best on your eye color. You could also match the shadows to your costume for a flattering, monochrome look.

2. Disney's Silvermist Makeup

This is the most cartoon-like tutorial, with big almond eyes and a sweet, princess flair.

3. Good Fairy Makeup

If you're into all the sparkle and glitter, this one is for you. If you are out of brow gel to keep those pastel pink brows in place, spray hairspray onto a Q-tip and brush it over your brows.

4. Woodland Fairy Makeup

This look is the most artistic and challenging, but this step-by-step guide makes it doable. If you aren't into the dramatic brows, you could skip this step and stick to the deer-like eyes.

5. Snow Fairy Makeup

Expecting snow on Halloween? This tutorial is icy but beautiful. You can swap the white for blue for a more Elsa-like appearance.

6. Forest Fairy Makeup

Michelle Phan is a genius, and this tutorial is transformative. Be sure to have all your gold shadows handy.

7. Maleficient Makeup

Maleficient is still, technically, a fairy. A dark and evil one, at that. She's perfect for Halloween, and this tutorial teaches you how to carve those Angelina Jolie cheekbones.

8. Fairy Barbie Princess Makeup

Can't decide between going out as a Barbie, a princess, or a fairy? This tutorial blends all three for a super girlie-girl look.

9. Fairy Eyes Makeup

This double winged-liner tutorial gives an exotic look without being too over the top.