Need An Awesomely Feminist RBG Halloween Costume?

by Melanie Schmitz

Every year, hordes of adults descend on the urban sprawl to attend pumpkin-themed fêtes dressed as monsters, animals, and their favorite pop-culture memes, much to the delight of party-supply stores everywhere. But what about the politically-minded intellectuals like yourself? Surely, a cheap, clearance-rack Little Bo Peep costume won't do for someone as classy as you. Well, put your Earl Grey down, because have I got the answer: This holiday, a super easy Ruth Bader Ginsburg Halloween costume will make you the talk of the party circuit (at the very least, you'll stand out in the crowd of sexy Donald Trumps and Disney characters, right?).

Dressing up as RBG shouldn't be too difficult. Most of what you'll need to achieve the SCOTUS justice's trademark look can be found within your own home or the nearby craft store. If you find that you need more than what you have readily available, a quick trip to your local second-hand shop will likely yield some cost-efficient options to bridge the gap.

There are a few different looks to choose from (although they're all equally stunning), so rifle through your wardrobe to see what you have on hand first and then head back to the drawing board with those items in mind.

Feminist Throwback Ginsburg

Take a cue from RBG's early days and go all-out fashionable feminist professor. All you'll need for this one is '70s style jacket or blouse (like this one from H&M), a heavy law school text book (grab a heavy, official looking one from your local library for free), and a smile that says, "I will own you in any argument, so don't even try." Oh — and you'll want to tie a scarf around your pony tail too. You can't have your hair in your face when challenging someone to a feminist duel, that would just be inappropriate.

Sleepy RBG

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Commemorate that time that RBG went full-RBG and totally started dozing off at the State of the Union address with a costume that says, "I'm here, but I had a few glasses of wine because my job is taxing." A simple black robe like the SCOTUS justice's traditional uniform (find a cheap Harry Potter-esque set at your local costume store and tuck in the hood if you can't find anything at the thrift store), a lacy collar necklace (make one with a paper doily if you need to), and an old wine bottle should do the trick — and hey, if you get tired, you can sit in the corner, take a nap, and no one will dare ask questions.

Classic Having-None-Of-Your-Shit Ginsburg

Allison Shelley/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This one can also be referred to as "Traditional RBG," as she tolerates no one's shit on a regular basis. Make sure to wear a spiffy jacket of some sort (like this one from eBay), a pair of dainty gloves, black rimmed specs (your own, or cheap ones from a local thrift shop), and RBG's trademark slicked-back ponytail. Throughout the evening, take no one's shit.

Notorious RBG

Grab some black robes or a black poncho (or a blanket you really don't mind cutting up if you're cheap like me) and slap on a pair of your favorite black sunglasses. The finishing touch? A doily-like necklace (which, as mentioned earlier, you can make out of cheap paper in a pinch) and a plastic gold crown tilted to one side. If you're super lazy, you can just buy the original "Notorious RBG" tee and top it off with your crown, sunglasses, and a gavel. A+ for effort.