How To Get Splikity From 'Shark Tank' So You Always Know Your Password

Many companies are able to understand their consumers' fears and come up with products that can appease them. That's exactly what the upcoming Shark Tank product Splikity does. Don't let the whimsical name fool you. This company wants to strike a sense of urgency within you so that you realize you just can't live without it — and perhaps you can't.

Splikity is a web and mobile-based app that keeps all of your passwords in one place, from online banking password to your Netflix subscription. Since we basically live our lives online these days, it sounds like this would be a more convenient method than searching through a dozen Post-It Notes for that password you only use to pay your utilities bill once a month. There's also the fact that tons of our personal information locked up on the Interwebs is still vulnerable to hackers, a problem Splikity may be able to help with as well.

Sharks Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O'Leary all made their fortunes in the technology space, so I can only imagine that they're going to want to invest in Splikity lickety-split. Tech products in general seem to have the Sharks go at it more so than other companies, so I'm definitely expecting a bit of a tussle in the Tank. Here's why Splikity might just be a product worth fighting for.

It's A Password Protector

The name "Splikity" doesn't reveal much about this company, but once you read up on it, you'll probably think, "What's in a name?" That's because this web-based and mobile app keeps all of your passwords in one place and syncs across all of your devices, which should sound like a lifesaver for anyone that lives in this digital age.

Splikity Works Like Magic

So how does this magical app work exactly? After you input all of the log-in credentials you want into Splikity, you can then click on a website, and the app will log you in without you having to type in anything. What's more, you can also add new log-in credentials right when you log in to a new website, which will also be saved to Splikity. The app will even help you create strong passwords that will keep them more secure from hackers. And if you're worried about all of your passwords being vulnerable through Splikity, don't be. The software uses military-grade encryption, and Splikity doesn't even have access to your codes. Just don't forget your master Splikity password, or you'll be out of luck.

It's Easy To Get With A Couple Of Clicks

If you feel like you need something like Splikity in your life, you can head over to Splikity's website to sign up, download the app from the App Store, or download the Google Chrome extension. But if you want to be able to use Splikity, you're going to have to pay. You can either sign up for a $4.99-per-month or $49.99-per-year plan. Unfortunately, if you want to use Splikity, you just can't pass on paying.

Splikity Has Collegiate Origins

Splikity's co-founders got the idea for the app when they were college students and a "personal problem" had "reached its breaking point," co-founder Doug Clark told Digital Trends in October 2014. They had to change the passwords for their college accounts every semester, which was too difficult to keep track of. "It was too complicated and we were spending as much time trying to log into our accounts as we were studying, so we decided to fix the password problem," Clark said. If only you had Splikity when you were in college, you would have paid more attention in calculus, right?

Splikity Has Some Stiff Competition

The tech space is incredibly competitive, and the entrepreneurs behind Splikity probably know that more than anyone. Though Splikity seems to be one of the more seamless password storage apps, there are plenty more out there where that came from. These include Passible, Keeper, and the free Dashlane Password Manager, just to name a few. There better be something proprietary about Splikity, or it just might make O'Leary cry — or yell.

It Got A Shout-Out From Apple

Splikity reportedly made it into the presentation of Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi during the company's event last October. You can see Splikity's red-and-white logo at the top of the photo on the left and toward the bottom in the photo on the right. It's possible that whoever put the presentation together could have specifically chosen Splikity or just randomly picked out some app icons, but hey, advertising's advertising.

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC; Giphy (3); Passible