Lady Gaga Concert Tickets Make Little Girl Freak Out on Christmas Morning & It's Perfect

I don't know how your Dec. 25 was, but a young lady named Bella had quite the epic Christmas morning. Bella received Lady Gaga concert tickets, and boy howdy! Did she react. Her dad caught all of it on camera, and it's freakin' adorable. If "reactions to Christmas presents" videos aren't your bag, this one might cause you to change your tune. In the span of one minute, Bella feels all of the feelings. Her initial gasp transitions into a shriek that falls somewhere in the whistle range, and then she cries. Because the joy is too much. Because Christmas magic is real.

When Bella's mom runs to comfort an overwhelmed Bella, I get it. Surprises can be intense. Especially when a concert is involved. I care about a limited number of things, but they include: reality television, fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, nail polish, and concerts. So I am right there with her when she cry-smiles with her eyes shut.

Bella's reaction to the tickets is phenomenal, but what is she going to be like at the actual concert?! Even if her parents aren't Gaga fans, they will have a blast. Because going to this concert with Bella is going to be the best time ever. Like, if she's this excited over the tickets, she's going to be wonderfully verklempt when she sees Lady Gaga IRL, right? And how could that not be fun? The delight would be contagious!

When I was around her age, I went to a Spice Girls concert. It was my first concert. A month or so before, I created a makeshift advent calendar in my school notebook. I remember not being able to fall asleep on the eve of the concert. I was a wreck. However, once I was at the concert, I was too transfixed to scream or cheer. My mom says I stared at the stage, saucer-eyed and mouth agape. I couldn't believe it was actually happening. I loved every minute of it. And my mom still talks about how hilariously still I was throughout the entire show. It's one of our family's favorite memories, and I'm sure Bella at the Lady Gaga concert will be infinitely more memorable. Exhibit A:

Carl Larupe on YouTube

Image: YouTube