How To Style A Sweater Dress Like Gigi Hadid

Despite jetting off between fashion weeks, this model of the moment still makes time to show off her perfect off-duty wardrobe. Today in Paris, Gigi Hadid styled a sweater dress in the most unexpected way – mainly because she didn't style it at all. Hadid's had quite a month between slamming body shamers and opening multiple fashion shows, so it's no doubt that she's keeping her head up high and her outfits impeccable. People who made jabs at the bombshell's body were clearly unsuccessful in their attempt to bring her down, because she's still looking as stylish as ever.

She stepped out in a tight, ribbed sweater dress while she was making the rounds with her friends Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Cully Smoller. Normally when you try to recreate a supermodel's outfit it requires a lot of accessories and excess spending money, but this look is seriously so easy. All you need is a pair of black booties and a replica sweater, and you'll be looking polished but comfy for any fall weather. Hadid even wore a messy ponytail with the outfit, so that's how you know she's serious about mastering the whole relaxed-but-still-chic ensemble. I've said it before and I'll say it again: if her wardrobe is good enough for Joe Jonas, it's definitely good enough for me.

Luckily, sweater dresses are such an accessible item to find on the market. Here are a few affordable options to help you steal Hadid's fashion month style.

Forever 21

Pinstripe Sweater Dress, $27.90,

Forever21+ Pinstripe Sweater Dress, $29.90,

Urban Outfitter's

Silence+Noise High-Neck Dress in 'Grey Multi,' $59,


Heather Grey Midi Sweater Dress, $59,

I don't know about you, but I'll be counting down the days until the weather gets cold again so I can dress like Hadid. Mother Nature, pull me a string?

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