13 Unique Accessories For Pixie Cuts

by Jen Marie

Shearing your hair to sport an ultra short hairstyle can be extremely liberating. It can also lead to the occasional bout of short hair boredom and a rather pressing need to find new styles and accessories for pixie cuts and short hair. Let's face it: Even though having a pixie cut is super convenient in terms of styling time, super short hair leaves just a little bit to be desired in terms of versatility. You have smooth, textured, spiked, or hawked, and that's about it. Unless, of course, you opt for accessories.

While longer locks have a myriad of both traditional and trendy accessory options, pixie cuts present just a bit of technical difficulty when it comes to many add-ons. You can forget about having a whole array of hair combs and straight pins if you have a pixie cut. There's simply not enough hair to hold those babies in place! So, what's a girl to do when she's longing for visual stimulation but lacking in the hair department, you ask?

In the land of pixies, security can make or break an accessory. Finding options that adhere to your head through the aid of a bobby pin, headband, or clip is key. Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful accessories out there that fit the criteria. To get you inspired, here are 13 gems to make your pixie cut shine.

1. Art Deco Pins

Art Deco-ration Hair Pin Set, $15, Mod Cloth

These petite and lovely pins are a wonderful way to embrace your art roots and pay tribute to design styles of the past. The delicate details featured on each pin will add a bit of intrigue to your short hair with very little extra work.

2. Bee-utiful Pins

Bee Prepared Hair Pin Set, $13, M od Cloth

Bees have had a hard go of it these past few years, with their numbers declining rapidly. Stand in solidarity with the friendly pollinators who contribute to the creation of much of our fruit and vegetable supply and provide us with a great natural sweetener by adding some bee flair to your short hair.

3. Go Batty

Bat Headband, $22, Etsy

Ready for Halloween? Celebrate this season by adorning your pixie with this petite bat headband.

4. Wild And Winged

Blue Butterfly Hair Accessory, $10, Etsy

These bobby pins are perfect for anyone who's ever been to a butterfly sanctuary and walked away disappointed that none of the winged creatures chose their shoulder as a resting place. They're beautifully detailed, realistic, and, of course, would work well even in a pixie cut.

5. Find Some Direction

Good Things to Compass Hair Pin Set, $13, Mod Cloth

Are you directionally challenged? Well, too bad. These compass hair pins aren't functional, but they'll sure look cool with your short sheared locks.

6. Fascinated, Darling

Sweetest Spread Fascinator in Black, $20, Mod Cloth

For a formal event or even just for fun, there's nothing quite like a fascinator. Luckily, this adorable fascinator is attached to a full headband, so it will sit tight even in the shortest of hairstyles.

7. Alluring And Feathered

Blue Feather Black Feather with Pewter Beading Fascinator, $28, Etsy

Looking for a unique twist on your something blue? Consider this banded, beaded, and feathered fascinator.

8. Golden Leaves

When in Rome Headband, $12, Mod Cloth

Romantic and whimsical, this gold colored, leaf detailed band is perfect for pixies. The embellishment is large enough to stand out, but won't overwhelm your minimal haircut.

9. Channeling Gatsby

Great Gatsby Headpiece, $34, Etsy

All of the Great Gatsby hype has seemingly died down a bit, but that doesn't mean this stunning headpiece doesn't have a place in your wardrobe. Consider this option for formal events or even costumes, or as a unique way to brighten up a night out.

10. Plenty Of Pearls

Up Bright and Pearly Hair Pin Set, $15, Mod Cloth

Pearl adorned pieces are the ultimate in classy accessories. These beautiful bobby pins will pepper your hair with delicately exquisite accents whether you're at work or sipping coffee at your favorite cafe with friends.

11. Sailor Knots

Aqua Floral Sailor Knot Headband, $8, Etsy

Sometimes a simple knot is all you need. With this darling floral sailor knot headband, a little twist goes a long way.

12. Simply Succulent

Succulent Hair Accessory, $12, Etsy

Succulents are the bomb. No, really. They're soft, adorably plump, and super efficient plants. So, why not pay homage to them in your hair? Just look how sweet these succulent pins are.

13. Delicate Vines

Rustic Wedding Hair Vine, $79, Etsy

Dressing up a pixie cut for a formal event can be tricky. Luckily, with this delicate vine headband you can add both a floral flourish and pearl accents to your fairy inspired look. Perfect for bridal hairstyles, this vine can be secured with bobby pins and worn as a crown.

See, plenty of options. So, next time you're feeling down about your hyper-short hairstyle, remember the joys of simple accessories and play to your heart's content.

Images: Courtesy Brands