How To Buy A Winter Coat Online

Ready for a long winter? You may be stocking up on sweaters and boots galore on the Internet, but do you know how to shop for a winter coat online? It's not as easy as shopping for other winter staples — not only are coats all made differently (no duh), they also don't come cheap, so you don't want to spend your hard-earned cash on something that's not going to fit you correctly!

Shopping for anything online can be a little tricky, but it's not totally impossible. First, you need to ask yourself some key questions: Will you be wearing this everyday? Will you be wearing it to the office or only out to dinner? What style do you prefer? How cold is it where you live? What color do you prefer? I asked national TV host and stylist Catenya McHenry for some tips for how to find the perfect winter coat online.

McHenry suggests trying before you buy, even if you are in love with a coat online. "It might be less time consuming to first find a local store that may sell the coat you like," McHenry advises, so you don't have to deal with returning a jacket that doesn't fit right. Popping by a store also "gives you a chance to try it on and helps you decide if it's too heavy or if you can wear it over several layers without feeling bulky or getting too hot."

Once you've tried it on, you can either opt for the one in store, obviously, or find a similar one online. Shopping in store also "gives you a chance to touch the texture and see its quality — which is important because you may find out that a certain fabric is itchy or uncomfortable." However, McHenry agrees that online shopping gives shoppers the ability to "explore a better price and definitely gives more options without having to ever leaving your screen." A good idea for online shopping is to measure yourself and see how you fit with the particular store's measurements.

As far as color goes, McHenry says, "Classic black has more longevity in your closet and can be re-worn the next season." She continues to say, "A classic black coat also can be styled with most anything already in your closet but having another hot hue like cobalt blue, magenta, or bark brown in your repertoire can also give you multiple styling options."

Here are some of my favorite winter coats to consider buying online (or trying in store first!).

1. Community Anion Parka

Community Anion Parka, $198, Aritzia

Furr rimmed collars are great option if you live somewhere that isn't particularly rainy or snowy. Otherwise, the moisture is trapped in the collar and can make things colder.

2. J. Crew Chateau Parka

J. Crew Chateau Parka, $365, J.Crew

This lightweight, chic coat is perfect for a commuter trucking it back and forth from the office.

3. Zara Puffer Parka with Toggles

Zara Puffer Parka with Toggles, $132, Zara

Prefer something more casual and less fitting? This is for you.

4. North Face Women's Destiny Down Jacket

North Face Women's Destiny Down Jacket, $230, The North Face

Down jackets are an investment, but completely worth it if you plan on being outside for winter sports.

5. Canada Goose Lorette Down Coat with Coyote Fur

Canada Goose Lorette Down Coat with Coyote Fur, $795, Bloomingdales

These long coats are great for someone who lives in a colder climate and expects plenty of snow this year.

6. Patagonia's Lightweight Fiona Down Parka

Patagonia's Lightweight Fiona Down Parka, $349, Patagonia

Utilitarian, almost-military style jackets are on trend this winter season.

7. Kardashian Kollection No Limit Coat

Kardashian Kollection No Limit Coat, $20, DASH

Camel is a classic color that flatters every skin tone, and this coat is perfect for someone who lives in a mild climate.

8. Express Toggle Duffle Coat

Express Toggle Duffle Coat, $228, Express

Giant pockets make this coat sleek but still functional.

9. GUESS Jones Hooded Puffer

GUESS Jones Hooded Puffer, $328, Guess

The cinch waist on this one is super flattering for all body shapes, so if you plan on wearing your coat often this could be perfect for you.

Images: Pexels; Courtesy of Brands