Watch Bacon Lovers Meet The Cutest Piglets Ever

I love bacon, so I was intrigued to watch these bacon lovers meet piglets — which, by the way, are the most stupidly adorable piglets you've ever seen. Under the pretense of a "gourmet bacon taste test", the bacon lovers were asked by BuzzFeed to come on down and bring their taste buds. And these are some bacon LOVERS. All of them sound like more than casual admirers of bacon, spouting love for bacon and lines like "I never even thought about a world without bacon". So when the subjects are asked whether they're ready to have bacon, they're all pretty enthusiastic about the prospect of free bacon at work. Only there's a catch: the bacon isn't cooked yet. It isn't even dead.

The subjects are shocked to find that instead of bacon, they're given an adorable little Babe piglet. All of them immediately go into "must cuddle" mode. And who wouldn't? Baby pigs are pretty cute, even if they grow up to be grunting and chewing loudly and rolling in mud and their own shit all day. I mean, no one feels bad about eating an adult pig, right? At least I know I don't. But I might feel bad after snuggling with the CUTEST BABY ANIMAL ON THE PLANET. Here are some of the best reactions the carnivores had to meeting their meal:

1. Crazy Excitement

2. Clearly Conflicted Feelings

3. Immediate Capitulation

4. Absolute Awe

5. Salivating

Watch the entire video below:

Images: YouTube (6)