9 Times Rihanna & Her BFF Were #FriendshipGoals

Take one look at Rihanna's Instagram and you know that she keeps it real. Because in between all of the Vogue covers and high-end fashion shoots (and yes, there are a lot of 'em), the "B*tch Better Have My Money" singer shares totally candid selfies with her longtime bestie, Melissa Forde. And Forde — a legit photographer herself — takes just as many with her famous BFF, posting selfie after selfie and adorable video after adorable "this-makes-me-wish-I-could-be-best-friends-with-Rihanna-too" video. In all seriousness, Rihanna and Melissa Forde are #FriendshipGoals to the max, and their Instas are straight proof of their nothing-can-ever-break-us friendship.

While other celebrities are carefully curating their Instagram accounts or having social media managers run it for them, something so refreshing about Rihanna's Insta is that it genuinely seems like she posts things on the fly, almost like a — gasp! — totally normal human being. She definitely doesn't limit what her friends post either, considering Forde documents the pair's friendship frequently and there is no censoring whatsoever. And that's the nicest thing about Rihanna and Forde's relationship: It's genuine. It's real. And fortunately for the entire world, it's all out there displayed on Instagram. Goals, amirite? Check out their best BFF moments below.

1. When Rihanna Instagrammed This Vid Collage Of Them Complete With A Friendship Quote From Sex & The City

#LifeGoals, tbh.

2. When They Looked Hot In Bikinis Together

Besties in bikinis.

3. When Rihanna Let Melissa Choose The Filter

That's real trust right there.

4. When They Threw It Back To Old Prom Pictures

The ultimate #TBT.

5. When They Spent Holidays Together

Because the 4th of July is serious business. And by "serious business" I mean a day to totally chill out with your best friend and watch fireworks or something.

6. When They Did Celebration Dances Together

Werk it, ladies.

7. When They Shared Slushies

The true BFF test.

8. When They Snapchatted A Selfie

Such ~normies~.

9. When They Spent New Year's Eve Together

And then filmed it for the entire Rihanna Navy. #GOALS.