17 Experiences All Book-Lovers Have On Vacation

Forget about the sun, forget about the sand — when it comes to vacation, I'm in it for the quality time I get with my books. Whether it's a beach getaway or a European road trip, vacation is time away from work and a chance to relax and de-stress, but really, it's days off where you can read, uninhibited and uninterrupted. Sure, there are waves to splash around in, sights to see, and museums to tour, but when it comes down to it, vacation is a way to embrace your inner book-lover and nerd out, no judgement.

Whether it's at the airport or by the pool, there's always room for reading on vacation, but when you're a true book-lover, is there room for traditional vacation activities when you're reading? From choosing where to go to deciding what to pack, there are a lot of concerns and considerations for the vacation-going bibliophile. For book-lovers, there is no such thing as a vacation from books, and more often times than not, books and reading are the real vacation.

If you're a book-lover, then you know I'm right — and you know these other 17 experiences all book-lovers have when on vacation. After all, life's a beach, and we're all just reading in the sand.

All Of Your Vacation Destinations Are Literary-Themed

You didn't plan your trip to Vegas for the casinos and nightlife, but because of your obsession with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. When you went to Dublin, it was to walk the same streets from Dubliners. Admit it, you even made a trip to Forks, Washington, because you wanted to see where Edward and Bella fell in love. You never plan a trip without considering the ones you've already been on in your reading adventures.

But When You Get There, You're Always Disappointed Because It Doesn't Compare To The Book

Sure, London was great and all, but it just wasn't as fascinating as the city you fell in love with in the Sherlock Holmes stories. Paris? Ugh, the real-life sparkle doesn't compare to the bright lights in A Night at the Majestic. The vacations you have IRL are nothing next to the ones in your books, and you find yourself disappointed every time.

When It Comes Time To Pack, You Can Never Chose Just One Book...

While your friends are narrowing down which pair of heels to bring for vacation, you're overwhelmed with indecision in regards to what books to pack. It's basically like asking which child you'd take with you, and it doesn't feel right leaving any of them, not even the ones you've read before, at home alone.

...Which Means You Always Have To Pay The Extra Baggage Fees

Books are way heavier than sun dresses, and because of that simple fact, you end up paying the extra fee for your ridiculously heavy and over-stuffed suitcase. Thankfully, they don't weigh carry on bags, because you have more than a few books stuffed in there, too.

You Actually Enjoy Waiting At Airports, Because It Gives You Extra Time To Read

While your traveling companions are bitching and moaning about how obnoxious getting to the airport three hours early is, you revel in the extra time to read. Waiting in the security line doesn't even bother you, because you made sure to bring a book to keep you occupied.

You Can't Get To Your Terminal Without Buying Another Book

Even though you brought plenty of reading material with you, the Hudson Newstands and airport convenient stores beckon you with their best-seller tables and discounted paperbacks. Your friends might get a few pre-flight cocktails, but you're more concerned with pre-flight books.

You Forget Your Bathing Suit, But You Have An Entire Suitcase Of Novels

Your bathing suit, your tooth brush, your change of underwear — basically all the vacation essentials — were forgotten and left at home. You didn't have time to think about what you'd actually need for a week away because you were too concerned with how to fit all your books in your suitcase. Where would your socks have fit, anyways?

It's Hard For You To Leave Your Hotel, Because It Has The Perfect Reading Chair

When you find your reading spot, you can't be expected to leave it. At least, not on vacation. Chances are, you found the perfect spot in the hotel room. You have a bathroom, room service, and a good reading lamp, so really, do you ever need to leave the room?

But If You Do, Your Tans Are Completely Uneven, Thanks To Preferred Reading Position

For me, it's always my back that gets completely burnt while my front stays as pale as the day I was born. When you find the most comfortable reading position, it's hard to get you out of it, even when you're roasting in the sun. Not to mention, you don't want to get oily sunscreen on your book, so you end up burned... really, really unevenly burned.

When You Go On Tour Buses, You Completely Miss The Sights Because Your Nose Is Stuck In A Book

Your friends or family can't stop talking about the the sights they saw on the city tour you took, but you can't stop talking about that plot twist you were busy reading while they were busy snapping pictures. Thankfully, you've trained yourself to avoid motion sickness, so you can read the entire three-hour long bus tour.

While Your Family Is At The Amusement Park, You End Up At The Local Library

The largest roller coaster on the east coast was probably pretty cool, but you wouldn't know because you spent the day hiding in the stacks. For you, the real way to get to know a place is through its libraries, and the rest is just fluff.

Instead Of Souvenir Shops, You Stop At Every Book Store You See

Who needs a T-shirt or a shot glass to remember their vacation, anyway? You couldn't care less about "I LOVE NY" sweatshirts and postcards to send back home, but you did make sure to Google Map every book store within a 20-mile radius of your hotel. You never know what book will catch your eye, and it will look much better in your living room then a snow globe.

Your Vacation Photos Are Mostly Of Random Buildings Your Favorite Authors Used To Frequent

Your photo albums have the occasional sunset or beach shot, but mostly, it's full of pictures of author's old apartments or the meeting spots of your favorite poets. Street signs, store fronts, and bars are all fair-game when it comes to documenting your vacation, and if you're lucky, you might even get a shot of you in front of them.

Despite Your Best Efforts, You Run Out Of Reading Material Half Way Through Your Trip

Even though you packed more books than you thought you could get through, you burn through all of your reading material with half of your trip in front of you. Does that mean you'll actually have to do things on vacation? No way, that's what you brought your Kindle for. Hello, instant download.

You're Continually Disappointed You Didn't Solve A Murder Or Meet Your True Love On Vacation

In all of your favorite books, the heroes and heroines are either solving crimes or falling in love on their vacations, but no matter how hard you try to uncover a criminal conspiracy in the streets of Rome or meet the love of your life under the Eiffel Tower, the best you can ever do is get some fresh air and culture. Ugh, life is so unfair.

There Is Never Room For Souvenirs Because Your Suitcase Is Full Of Books

When it's time to pack up and head home, you find you don't have any room for the gifts you bought because there are too many books. Even though the hotel has a shelve of books patrons left behind when they were done, you can't imagine leaving your books, they're just too special to you. Sorry, mom, no mug — but it's the thought that counts, right?

When People Ask About Your Vacation, You Give Them An Excited Book Reviews Instead

When you get home from your trip, you can't wait to tell everyone all about it! Well, all about the books you read while you were away, anyways. Though everyone wants to know about the Grand Canyon, you're more interested in telling them about the amazing prose and phenomenal storytelling you got to read instead.

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