'The Originals' Ladies Deserve More Attention

It's going to be ladies' night in New Orleans when the CW's new series The Originals returns in Jan. 2014. Werewolf and mother-to-be Phoebe Tonkin opened to E! News and confirmed that the female cast is going to demand the attention they deserve during the show's midseason premiere, titled "The Casket Girls". The first half of the show's first season focused primarily on the male power struggles going on between Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah while it developed a strong and talented female cast around them. Now, it's that female casts' turn to shine after nine episodes of deception. They're finally going to let everyone know that they're not going anywhere quietly.

Tonkin told E!:

It's nice, especially with a show where there's two very strong male figures, for a whole episode specifically about the girls. It's about time, being like, enough is enough. We're going to do our own thing. Especially when you have Davina, who is the most powerful and you have Rebekah who is the most powerful vampire, man or woman, it's about time we kind of acknowledge that.

And we completely agree. Aside from Danielle Campbell's Davina and Claire Holt's Rebekah having obvious strength and power — Tonkin's Hayley, Danielle Pineda's witch Sophie, and Leah Pipes' Cami round out the female cast with significant power of their own. And after all of the shit they went through at the hands of Klaus and Marcel during the first half of the season, they've all got motive to raise hell now that they're all on the loose. Let's take a look at how these women stack up, shall we?

#5 — Sophie Deveraux

We're putting Sophie at the end of this list because her powers are progressively getting weaker and weaker. The longer it takes for an elder to complete The Reaping, the less powerful the entire witch community in New Orleans will become. She also doesn't have any hold over Klaus and Elijah now that the spell linking her to pregnant Hayley is broken so basically, Sophie's got nothing besides vengeance to strengthen her from here on out.

#4 — Cami O'Connell

Cami's human — yes, but she's in a very powerful position. Not being supernatural gives her the advantage that made us put her at number four. Cami managed to catch the eye of both Klaus and Marcel and essentially got herself in the middle of a serious supernatural brawl. She's got a bone to pick with Klaus after she discovered that he's been compelling her to forget things for months and she's managed to get him to care about her. Which gives are a significant amount of power — if Klaus cares about her, he'll protect her and that's a game changer. She also has a relationship with Davina, who came to her looking for help when she escaped from Klaus and Marcel in the midseason finale, so she'll become an important part of helping her to wreak havoc from here on out.

#3 — Hayley Marshall

She's supernatural and she's pregnant with the world's first hybrid baby. Hayley's also got Elijah wrapped around her little finger and Klaus and Rebekah in her corner for protection. Sure, her pregnancy has taken her off of her werewolf-fighting game for a while, but she's got friends in high places and that matters. Hayley also found her family just ahead of the midseason finale which puts even more people, not to mention blood relatives, in her corner. And she's got a serious motive — when Klaus found out about her family, he ordered them to all be executed even after Hayley begged him not to. She joined forces with Davina ahead of the finale as well and bonded with her over the fact that they'd both essentially become prisoners. The mother-to-be also revealed to Davina the fact that Marcel had been lying to her this entire time to keep her as a pawn. Oh, and by the way, she's got a serious attitude.

#2 — Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah's got thousands of years' worth of vengeance to settle and a hell of a broken heart on top of the fact that she's an incredibly old and powerful vampire that really has nothing to lose. In the first half of the season she was deceived by Klaus, turned against him and teamed up with Marcel, and then was deceived by Marcel and ditched so he could rule New Orleans with her brother. So yeah, she's really pissed. Klaus has daggered her in the past multiple times, betrayed her and their other siblings, and has now been betrayed by Marcel for the second time in their long history together. She's got plenty of motive and plenty of anger to fuel an army and if she's teaming up with the rest of these women, it's going to be seriously difficult for Marcel and Klaus to take them down.

#1 — Davina Claire

This girl is just terrifying and hence why she beat out Rebekah for the number one spot. Essentially, her being on the lose means that approximately zero people are safe. Davina's powers are so strong and so uncontrollable because she's spent all of her time as Marcel's prisoner not really learning how to do magic, so there's no way of knowing what she's even capable of. She's another character that highly sought after by Klaus and Marcel thus possessing extra power — for the purpose of being a secret weapon. (She's really not happy about that, in case you were wondering.) And now she's on the loose and experiencing freedom for the first time in a long time and no human, vampire, witch, or werewolf is safe.

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