7 Ways To Wear A Dress In Winter Without Freezing

Sometimes winter makes you feel like you're forced to give up your favorite wardrobe pieces for an eternity of thermals and puffy coats, but that couldn't be further from the truth. If you're wondering how to wear a dress in winter, you have tons of options. Yes, some layering is crucial to staying warm, but that's no big deal when it means you get to wear your favorite dresses all year long.

Beyond dresses, you'd be surprised just how many traditionally spring and summer pieces you actually don't have to tuck away in chilly temps. You can wear a crop top even when it's really cold outside, rock a mini skirt in freezing temps, and even pull off shorts when it's snowing outside. With a little creativity, you really can where your entire closet no matter what month!

To help you get inspired to wear dresses in the winter, I scouted out what some of my favorite fashion and beauty bloggers have come up with. All of the ideas are so unique, and will definitely get you pumped on trying one of the looks out for yourself! So grab your summer dresses, some tights, and get ready to brave the cold in your favorite frocks.

1. White, Tan, And Black

Luci over at Luci's Morsels rocks this rustic, elegant color palette perfect for days where the air is just starting to get crisp.

2. Over A Shirt

Cathy from Poor Little Rich Girl had the brilliant idea to pop a dress over a longer-sleeved shirt to make it cool weather-appropriate. Love.

3. Rainy Day Vibes

Dresses aren't off limits for cold rainy days, and Luci's Morsels proves it with this floral print dress, tights and wellies look.

4. Sleek And Chic

Mary from Memorandum's layering skills are on point. Putting a turtleneck is an easy way too add both warmth and elegance.

5. Denim and Gray

There a few things a denim can't do, and Luci's Morsels shows how to adapt for a Los Angeles winter with a gray scarf and tights. Matching the scarf and tights adds a unique, stylized touch.

6. Mixed Patterns And Layers

Liz and Sam at Pretty Life Girls are all about mixed patterns and layers to create that cozy winter look. This would be such a cute outfit for a date night before the winter gets too cold to need a heavy coat.

7. Fun Tights

Wrapping up this epic round up is an adorable look from Luci's Morsels. Fight the winter blues by wearing a pair of fun tights under your warmest dress.

Image Credit: Delightfully Tacky; Luci's Morsels; Poor Little Rich Girl; Memorandum; Pretty Life Girls